Monday, 16 July 2018

Learning Federation Team Building

At the Learning Federation we believe that team building is a vital ingredient in encouraging collaboration. Staff morale is so important if you are to have an effective school. We believe that adults should challenge themselves and have fun doing so.

This time we had a day hosted by the amazing #VIPFitness in Brentwood. Danny's team did an incredible job of instantly creating a fun atmosphere with the bottle challenge. Then staff split into teams - with Broadford & Mead mixed together.

For the rest of the day the Federation team were engaged in a battle EYFS & KS1 vs KS2. Clambering over cable reels, swinging from monkey bars, splashing into muddy puddles: the staff were all committed to doing what it took to be crowned the winning Key Stage.

Although everyone put in a great effort, there were some very special mentions for some real heroes!
Mrs Keene - for making it through the tyre machine alive
Miss Hurrell - for completing a calamitous fall into the mud pit
Mrs Nicholas - for an astonishing plank time of 7mins 30secs

By the end of the sessions the winner was clear - EYFS & KS1. The real winner was the staff team spirit. Through Danny's encouragement, the collaborative nature of the tasks and the fantastic hosting from VIP our team morale couldn't be better!

An incredible day. I've tackled things today that I never thought possible!

A great way to meet my new team for September. I felt really nervous on the way in but now I've made friends, had fun and can't wait for September!

It has really bought us together and made us laugh! I was nervous, but I have really enjoyed it. It's been great to spend time together as a team.

We thought that it would be too physical, but Danny's team were great. It has been hard, but fun hard. I'm going to ache tomorrow.

A huge thank you to #VIPFitness for being so welcoming... see you next year!

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