Friday, 5 February 2021

TTRS - Star of the week!

A huge well done to Praharsh!

Praharsh is another pupil who has earned the top status of Rock Hero on the TTRS platform. His current studio speed is 0.72 (under 1 second per question) which is amazing! We are particularly impressed with Praharsh's obvious determination and resilience when working on his table facts and speed. At the start of this year, his initial studio speed was 7.89 seconds but he has managed to chop off over 7 seconds which perfectly demonstrates to us all that hard work pays off. 

Praharsh also has lifetime earnings of 1,286,214 coins which again proves just how hard he has been working on his tables. These stats combined are what makes him a worthy star of the week. 

Well done Praharsh.

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