Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Rebuilding Wellbeing - The SHAPE Approach

The virus pandemic has made the entire world re-evaluate what is important in in life. The things we now need to prioritise are children’s levels of wellbeing, their knowledge of how to care for themselves in a changing world, and the habits they need to learn for how to be happier in a world suffering from a happiness shortage.

The national curriculum states that ‘all schools should make provision for personal, social, health and economic education, drawing on good practice'. Therefore, ‘PSHE’, as a ‘subject’ exists as a form of wellbeing education that contributes to schools' statutory duties. This SHAPE approach is a statement of intent that we will place pupil wellbeing as a golden thread throughout wider life as well as the curriculum.

To successfully implement the ideas in this approach it is critical to take a whole school approach. There is a philosophy behind it – and it isn’t just a set of lessons to simply follow. Environment is the hand that shapes human behaviour.

This means the culture your children learn and thrive in must be designed so they are enabled to consistently be their best selves.

The SHAPE Approach is used as a whole school philosophy to enable children to be exposed to a wide range of experiences all designed to contribute to their level of wellbeing, self-worth, and positive impact.

The SHAPE Approach is a five-pillar system designed to cater for all aspects of children’s wellbeing. SHAPE stands for: 

Soul Heart Attitude Physical Environment

It is not a curriculum with specific lessons or learning intentions. It is an approach which will be personal to Broadford school. We will identify the wellbeing issues within our context and shape your approach to fit our needs. Below is a summarised breakdown of the experiences and concepts that we will expose our children to within the SHAPE Approach. We are going to start with every child experiencing an activity from each pillar before the Easter break. 

Exploring who you are, understanding yourself, growing yourself and continuously improving, being at ease with yourself, learning and practicing gratitude, reducing screen time, developing a growth mindset, and pushing into your stretch zone.

Being kind, helping the elderly, combating loneliness, examining online behaviour, building a community within shared values, the importance of family and friends, being compassionate to the situation of others, and eating/drinking together.

Learning about, growing, and spreading positivity, optimism, resourcefulness, resilience, and grit.

Cooking, nutrition, eating five different colours of food every day, drinking water, regular exercise, developing physical strength, yoga, walking, running, sleeping, breathing and being still, and personal hygiene.

Caring for and protecting animals, gardening, bush craft, carbon footprint reduction, recycling, sustainability, and den building. 

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