Tuesday, 20 February 2018

RWI Case Study

We are delighted to be featured on the RWI website. Over the last 7 years our staff have worked tirelessly to improve reading outcomes for pupils.

In 2012 only 25% of Year 1 children passed the Phonics Screening Check. Following the implementation on RWI we have seen results improve year on year so that now we are typically above the National Average.

Well done Team Broadford and thank you to RWI for the ongoing support and challenge to be better every today than we were yesterday.

Click here to read the full case study

World Book day - Thursday 1st March 2018

Thursday 1st March is world book day.
We are going to celebrate the day by asking all pupils to dress as their favourite book character for the day. The children could be Harry, Matilda or Alice and we are looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful ideas that you come up with. There will be prizes for the most imaginative character costumes from each class!
Please be mindful when choosing a costume as the children will still be going outside for play  as usual during the day. Ensure that your child wears their coat over their costume and has on sensible shoes such as their school shoes or trainers.

We have lots of activities planned including a teachers book bingo, the children will need to match the quotes from children's literature to the teacher. We will also be playing hide and seek with books! 

Looking forward to seeing all of the children dressed up as their favourite characters! 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Back to School - Monday 19th February

We hope you have all had a fantastic half term making wonderful memories.

We are looking forward to seeing you all back to school tomorrow morning for the second half of the spring term.

Breakfast clubs starts at 7.45 am and the doors open for the rest of the school at 8.30 am.

See you bright and early in the morning.

Havering Catering Services

Week beginning 19th February is week 3 on the Havering catering Services menu. All meals are served with unlimited salad and vegetables and cost £2.20.

On Wednesday 21st February, there is a special menu for February Celebrations, menu choices will be sent home. The cost of the special menu is £2.20 via sQuid and free for Infant aged pupils.

Learning Challenge & Project Superstar

These children have been working hard at home and extending their knowledge through their learning challenge and project work.

Ellie-Jane Pudney, John Owers, Ife Ogochukwu-Ijehor, Peter Joy

Certificate of Presentation

The following children have presented their work beautifully and take pride in all that they do in their books.

Lily Jones, Arya Shah, Gavin Butler, Summer Wingrove

Star Writer

These children have been awarded a star writer certificate and golden pencil in recognition of their excellent writing, use of powerful vocabulary and sophisticated writing  techniques.  

Saarah Khanan, Layla-Rose Mahad, Arhaan Kaushal, Ethan Borrell, Gracee May Coble, Sonia Lewis, Matilda Butler, Hayden Northwood, Asroosh Valliani, Tyler Shephard, Adebare Olugbodi, Peter Joy, Tutu Omisore

Weekly Attendance

KS1: 95.8%   KS2: 96.2% Overall: 96%

Congratulations to Cherry  and Willow classes who top the attendance table this week.  Cherry managed 100% attendance so will enjoy a cupcake party.

Learning Power Awards

These are the key skills that our children will need to learn effectively in class and to be successful later in life.

These children have demonstrated effective reciprocity this week – able to listen carefully, work collaboratively and take turns.
Aarna Soni, Ryan Stapleton, Ayomide Otegbola, Fayo Ayodola, Teighan Burnett, John Olatunji, Finley Short, Sabeer Rahman, Mikkileigh Williamson. Olivia Crane

These children have shown that they can manage distraction, notice patterns and become absorbed in their tasks – well done for your Resilience certificate:
Emily Sharpe, William Ilott, Ellie-Mae Wager, Chloe-Joe Kirk, Sergiu Babaianu, Kara Middleton, Archie Dempsey, Elinga Garbaliauskaite

These children have managed to show that they can plan and revise ideas to earn their Reflectiveness certificate. – well done for your reflectiveness certificate:
Lukas Smirnovas, Jacob Owsley, Tyrell Bertin, Dorrie Lewis, Jameel Ore, Sam Middleton

Being able to show that you can make links between ideas and showing imagination demonstrates resourcefulness. These pupils have been awarded their resourcefulness certificate this week: Tirenioluwas Oke, Ollie Dodge, Aimee Borrell

Reading Awards

In recognition of the pupils’ ability to devour books, immerse themselves in stories and read relentlessly at home.

Bronze reader award
Tavia Towe-Enu,Ellie-Jane Pudney

Silver reader award
Riley Whitcombe, John Owers, Finley Clark

Gold reader award
Tele Onabajo