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Parents' Meeting Notes - Monday 26th November 2012

Dear parents,

If you were unable to attend the recent Governor and Parent meeting, please find the notes from it below.
Update on staffing
Mrs Trezise resigned with effect from the 31st October. She has taken up a post at the Loxford School of Science & Technology. We will be holding interviews next term for the SENCo position. In the meantime parents can contact the class teacher, or Mrs Nicholls or Mr Drakes if they have any concerns or questions regarding provision for their child.
Mrs Nicholls will be out until the 10th December – there have unfortunately been complications following surgery. However she is making a recovery and we look forward to welcoming her back.
Miss Rutherford – her recent CT scan was delayed due to equipment failure. Miss Rutherford has now been signed off until the New Year and is unlikely to return before the Spring half term. Supply cover is booked until the end of term to minimise disruption. Next term we have another teacher taking over the class and she will be in post for the rest of the year – either as cover for Miss Rutherford or as support for the Year group.
We have appointed a new Bursar as of Monday 3rd December (Miss Gaynor Griffin Stenning) so there should be minimal impact from the retirement of Mr Stevenson. I will thank him publicly nearer the time, but he has been an extremely reliable member of staff at the school for many years and we shall be sad to see him leave.
The deadline for applications regarding the TA post next week. So far we have had 81 applications for this post. When you add it the 30+ applications for the Bursar role, it shows that Broadford is a place where people want to work!
Update on pupil numbers & Attendance
Overall attendance is running at over 96% - a significant improvement on last year
162 girls and 188 boys means a total pupil roll of 350 which is up from 307 a year ago.
Free School Meals
Free School Meal sign up has increased, but some parents are yet to apply for the status. We would urge that all parents who think they might be eligible contact the school office as soon as possible.
Funding has allowed for: subsidy of school trips, 14 enrichment activities, additional staffing (teacher and TA), building works, learning resources, technology for pupils. List to be published on the schools website by the end of the term.
Build update
Completion of classrooms is on track – all classrooms are now floored and painted. The tarmacing of immediate outdoor due to happen in next two weeks
Funding of larger outdoor area is an issue as costs have increased by £30k 
  • Excavation of earth had to be greater than initially estimated
  • Surface to cover has increased by approx. a third
  • Impacted on drainage from old building which has to be rerouted
  • Desire to reduce amount of grass that is used so that it is useable all year round – decking, astro turf, tarmac, wood chip and decking
Fundraising by EYFS to pay for additional elements and we will also see monies from grants.
We are also applying for a bid from L&Q Housing who supported us last year with our provision for after school clubs
Forthcoming visits and enrichment
The scooter and bike course for Year 1-4 was a great success with over 95% of the children bringing in equipment.
Book Club update:
Mathilda trip was a great success and War Horse is booked for January
Other events
There will be a challenge afternoon on February 14th for parents to come in and work with their children
Our choir will be performing at the ‘Light up Harold Hill’ event. The choir will also be performing at three other community venues this Christmas.
Additional INSET day - 15th April
New parent Governors are Andrew Clark and Holly Munford
 We are still looking for volunteers for the Springboard Literacy programme
Feedback from the recent parent view survey showed that we need to raise awareness of our procedures for bullying. Miss Taylor is reviewing our policy with the children and it will be published to parents in the New Year. In the meantime we are advising pupils to follow three simple steps:
  1. Don’t be a bystander… say “Excuse me, what you are doing is not kind, can you please stop.”
  2. If that doesn’t work, inform an adult – teacher, midday assistant, teaching assistant, office staff or parent.
  3. Finally use the worry box in the library
Date of next meeting: Monday 4th March

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