Friday, 12 June 2020

πŸ”Ž Look who! WC 08/06/2020

Children and families,

You will have no doubt been keeping up to date with the news and according to the government their 5 tests are all being met meaning further restrictions are being relaxed.  Hopefully 'R' continues to be controlled and soon we will be able to see more of our friends and family.

In school, there have been big changes!  Many pupils in Y1 and Y6 returned and how wonderful it has been to have them back in the building.  Thank you to all staff who have made this possible and gave some normality for our pupils.  And a big thank you to the pupils for being sensible, careful and smiley!  You are all a real tonic.

Every week, we share some of the work completed at home and tell you how proud we are of you.  This week is no exception.  Well done, all!

Resources shared this week

 Activity Link
Random Acts of Wildness    Wildlife Trusts
BBC Bitesize 
World Environment Day
Theatre Production
David WalliamsAudio Book

Look Who!

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