Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Euros Day at Broadford! (21.06.2021)


Today, all the teams... I mean, classes of Broadford came together to support their countries in our Broadford Euros Day 2021! Just like the players themselves, we did not let the rain dampen our spirits and had a wonderful day and learned more about the competition, the hard work footballers put in and how we can channel that fighting spirit in our own learning. We always try our best in Broadford Primary and we are ready to give our all to this summer term!

Denmark were represented by our lovely Nursery class

The lovely Redwood Class representing the lovely Austria

Alder class wonderfully representing Croatia

Lime Class, looking like a true team, representing Germany

Willow class cheerfully representing Italy

Apple class brilliantly representing Poland

Almond class successfully representing Portugal

Rowan class excitedly representing North Macedonia

Elm class enthusiastically representing Hungary


Larch class proudly representing France.

Thank you to everyone who put in the effort to dress up and bring your team spirit to Broadford Primary School!

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