Friday, 13 September 2019

School Dates - 2019/20

Autumn Term Dates 2019
Please note the date changes for our Christmas concerts. We have added more dates due to our expanding pupil numbers
Autumn 1 
Autumn 2
Monday 14th October
Parents Evening 1
Monday 9th December
Year 2 Christmas Concert 9.15 
Reception Christmas Concert 2.00
Tuesday 15th October 
Parents Evening 2
Tuesday 10th December 
Reception Christmas Concert 9.15
Year 2 Christmas Concert 2.00
Year 4 Carol Concert @ St George’s Church, Hilldene
Tuesday 16th October 
Individual school photograph day
Wednesday 11th December 
Year 1 Christmas Concert 9.15
Nursery Christmas Concert 2.00
Friday 18th October
Last day of half term
Thursday 12th December 
Nursery Christmas Concert 10.30
Year 1 Christmas Concert 1.00
Year 3 Carol Concert 2.00
Monday 28th October
Pupils back to school
Friday 13th December
Year 5 Carol Concert 2.00 

Monday 16th December
Year 6 Carol Concert 

Wednesday 18th December
Christmas Dinner Day TBC

Thursday 19th December 
Christmas Party Day 

Friday 20th December 
Last day of the autumn term

Term Dates 2019-20
Havering term dates for the academic year 2019-2020 can be found here.

INSET Days 2019-2020
Wednesday 4th September 
Friday 3rd April  
Monday 20th July
Tuesday 21st July
Wednesday 22nd July 

Please note that the final day of the summer term will be on Friday 17th July, 2020. 

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