Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Bling My Bike!

Last week Miss Chau and 2 members of our JTA team went to London to collect the Gold Star that we have been awarded for the schools travel plan.

Out JTA's are continuing this work and have been coming up with some amazing ideas to encourage all of our pupils to travel to school in an active and sustainable way.

Friday 21st October is bling your bike day. We would love as many pupils as possible to cycle or scoot to school and decorate their bikes and scooters. If you would like to you can decorate your bike or scooter with the them of 'Halloween' in mind or you could use as much bling as you can possibly find.

The best bikes will be brought into assembly to be showcased and the winners will be revealed during E for Excellence assembly.

  • Your decorated bike or scooter must be cycled into school and parked at the front of the school ready for judging.
  • Please ensure that your name and class are on your vehicle so we can find you if you are a winner.

If you cant take part this time, don't worry there will be plenty of more opportunities for competitions throughout the year.

Good luck everyone, we are looking forward to seeing the blingest bikes and scooters on Friday.
Here is some inspiration!

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