Thursday, 13 October 2016

JTA TfL Stars Seminar

Today, our Year 6 JTAs were invited to the TfL Stars Awards Ceremony. We went with our Mead counterparts and had a fantastic day evaluating our impact and deciding what our next steps would be with TfL representatives and pupils from other schools. We also received our Gold level certificate and gold star in recognition of the hard work out JTAs put in during the 2015 academic school year. 

Elias, Year 6 JTA from Mead said that "I really enjoyed going to the Stars ceremony because we were awarded with our Gold accreditation but my favourite thing about today was the surprise trip on the Emirates cable car!"

Elizabeth, from Broadford said "We are going help people make better travel choices by running exciting competitions and encouraging cycling and walking!" 

Amazingly, we were offered complimentary Emirates cable car tickets as a special treat and enjoyed the view up high across the Thames as we incorporated the cable car into our journey back to school. 

Make sure you keep checking to hear what our JTAs have got up their sleeves for this year's school travel plan! 

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