Saturday, 15 October 2016

Diary Dates

Parents' Evening
This is being held on Mon & Wed evening this week.

Tuesday 18th October
Year 6 pupils are going to the Sky Academy. We believe that every young person has potential and at the Sky academy they get the opportunity to unlock it.  Sky Academy works with young people from primary school right through to starting their career, using the passion they share for TV, creativity or sport, to build skills and experience. Have a great day.

On the same day some of our Y5 pupils will be representing the school at the science quiz which will be held at St Ursula’s. Good luck to Team Broadford.

After school on Tuesday we have the book fair again for anyone who missed it the first time. You will be able to pick up your favourite read under the canopy outside the Y1 classrooms Pine and Mulberry.

Wednesday 19th
At 8.30, our school nurse Cathie Forester will be in school. If you have any health concerns or questions please drop in to see her.
We would love to welcome as many parents as possible to our first clubs sharing assembly. Clubs presenting at this time are; KS1 choir, KS2 choir and KS2 dancers. We are really looking forward to it!
Wednesday afternoon sees our first house football competition. The newly appointed House captains will be leading their teams to victory!
Miss Sparkes and the book club are going to see The Lion King so that they will be able to compare this show to Hamlet when they return.

Thursday 20th
Y5 pupils are visiting the Islamic centre to gain an insight and to deepen their understanding of the Islamic faith. This supports our teaching of ‘Tolerance’ which is one of the 5 British values that we explore through assemblies and PSHC . We hope they have a great day.

Friday 21st
To end the week on Friday, Phil will be back leading the after school bike club.

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