Monday, 16 July 2018

Y6 Legacy Assembly

Year 6 pupils at Broadford put on a fantastic Legacy Assembly - the final part of their four year long spiritual curriculum. In this grand finale the children are encouraged to reflect on their time at Broadford and consider:

  • what have they learnt, that they will take with them to their new school?
  • how have they had a positive impact on the school - what legacy will they leave behind?
With the support of Rev Rich, the pupils then write their key achievements and hopes for the future onto a key, and lock a padlock as a symbol of the part of them to be left behind.

During the assembly it is also a chance for the children to share their most memorable moments from the last eight years. Staff use it as a time to celebrate individual and team achievements with a wide array of awards.

Thank you to Rev Rich for the time that you gave to make this possible. 

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