Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Cycling Day: Redbridge Cycle Centre

As part of our Broadford Cycling Curriculum, we took our Year 5&6 pupils to the Redbridge Cycle Centre to further develop their skills. Once they have achieved Bikeability Level 2, we believe it is important that the children get the chance to use the skills they have learnt and apply them in increasingly challenging situations.

The Redbridge track is a 2km long circuit, which requires the children to be competent at using their gears and brakes on very tough gradients. Once they have explored the course, they then have to complete some challenges which test their balance and control of the bike when it is moving slowly.

Finally there is the chance to finish with a time trial event to see who can set the fastest time for a section of the course!

I was really confident that I would find this easy, as I coped well with the Bikeability. However the slopes were sooooooo steep! When I first tried to cycle down one I got off and walked my bike as I was very nervous. After Mr Drakes gave me some encouragement I tried again and made it... without falling off. 
Sophie Adams

Cycling with just one hand on the handle bars was tough. I always thought that going fast was the main challenge, but it is so hard to control the bike when it is hardly moving. It really helped me improve and focus on my balance.
Holly Clark

When it came to the time trial I was really excited. It meant we had to be really fit as you couldn't stop pedaling for a second if you wanted to get a good time. Because we had practiced our use of gears, I was able to keep going up the slope and not loose any time.
Mason Lepley

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