Thursday, 29 October 2015

Year 3 Rationing Workshop

Our Year 3 pupils were learning about WW2 before the half term. As part of their topic, they looked at rationing and were able to try some of the dishes that would have been served during the war and austerity period.

"Last week we also had a visit from Miss Coook's Grandad. He had told us about some of these dishes - things like spam fritters. It was great to be able to taste them. I thought they'd be horrible, but they were actually quite nice."
Jack Peppitt

Why was food rationed in Britain in World War II?
Before the Second World War started Britain imported about 55 million tons of food a year from other countries. After war was declared in September 1939, the British government had to cut down on the amount of food it brought in from abroad as German submarines started attacking British supply ships. There was a worry that this would lead to shortages of food supplies in the shops so the British government decided to introduce a system of rationing.

Rationing made sure that people got an equal amount of food every week. The government was worried that as food became scarcer, prices would rise and poorer people might not be able to afford to eat. There was also a danger that some people might hoard food, leaving none for others.

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