Tuesday, 6 October 2015

JTA Conference

Kieran, Daniel, Melisa and Katherine, our year 6 travel ambassadors, visited St Ursula's Junior School for the JTA conference.

There were JTA's in attendance from three other local schools. Together, they discussed how to make the roads in our community safer at the end day when children are being collected from school.

Advertising is very important when it comes to education society about road safety. We looked at many slogans like 'Be bright, be seen", "Go 20" and "Stop, look and listen". The JTA's had to compose their own slogan to promote safer travel and we are very proud to say our slogan was chosen as the winner!

"Be smart, don't break your parent's heart!"

Look out for a JTA competition soon. They will be asking their classmates to design a poster to go along with their slogan. 

Well done guys, good work!

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