Monday, 12 October 2015

End of day incident

Dear parents,

Thank you for the support and understanding that was shown to a member of our school community today, when they were subjected to an unprovoked verbal assault. It was heartening to see the unanimous way that all bystanders condemned the behaviour without getting involved in a way that would have inflamed the situation.

The response from the police was very effective. Within 15mins of being escorted from the premises the man had been spoken to and subsequently arrested for a public order offence. We would like to reassure you that:

  • the police have made an arrest
  • the man concerned is not a direct member of our school community 
  • within moments of the incident occurring four senior members of staff were on hand to ensure the individual was escorted off the premises
  • there was no 'fight' or physical element to the incident
This has been the only incident of this nature in the last five years and it was caused by a man who is not a Broadford parent, but had accompanied a relative into the school grounds. We have a high staff presence at all times when the gates are open to ensure that we can listen to your views, say goodbye/hello to the children and be on hand if there is an incident.

Thank you once again for the united front that was shown in standing up to this behaviour, making it clear that we do not tolerate that language or attitude in our school or community. We look forward to seeing you bright and early tomorrow morning.

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