Friday, 23 October 2015

Fact Hunters: Heroes & leopards

Jacob Owsley
Wookiee talk (the language of Chewbacca) comes from recordings of four bears, a badger, a lion, a seal, and a walrus from Long Beach!

Lucien Bundy
Douglas Bader crashed in December 1931, while attempting some aerobatics, and lost both his legs. However when WW2 started he rejoined the air force and flew missions for the RAF.

Caitlin Bowden
Did you know that Roman women placed walnut shells in olive oil to create a hair dye which covered up grey hair?

Jessica Butler
Snow leopards make sounds similar to those made by other large cats, including a purr, mew, hiss, growl, moan, and yowl. However, snow leopards cannot roar due to the physiology of their throat.

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