Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Travel Plan Award

We were delighted to be invited to the TfL Travel Plan Awards for Gold Level schools.

Amazingly - out of over 1,500 accredited schools - only 300 have the Gold Status. 

The Gold Award is recognition for the work put in by our Junior Travel Ambassadors and Mrs Nicholls to create a school travel plan that develops an: 
- Active
- Responsible
- Sustainable

approach to school travel! 

How did we do it?
The Gold Award is celebrating the 25 different initiatives that have been run by the team: bikers' breakfast, walk to school competition, Brake's Giant Walk

In addition to this, the team of JTAs have consulted with wider school community to ensure that they are making changes that benefit all of our stakeholders.

"We have had to give presentations to the children to explain why they need to walk & cycle more regularly"
Melisa Krasniqi

Because of their hard work - and the evidence of whole school participation - they have also secured funding of over £10,000: bike shelters, glide bikes, spare bikes, cycle clubs and safety posters.

What has it meant?
In order to get Gold Status we have achieved more than a 6% shift away from car use. Furthermore the data collection carried out by the JTAs shows that 90% of the school walk regularly.

"I'm really proud of what we achieved. In our Bike 2 School week we broke the previous record for miles cycled to school!"
Katherine Barrett

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