Thursday 28 March 2013

Year 5 Parents Survey:

School Admissions would like to conduct a survey of Year 5 parents about the best way to give them information about next year’s transfer to Secondary school. If you are a Year 5 parent, please take the time (approx. 2 minutes) to fill in the survey on the Havering website:

Read for My School!

This was the first year that we have taken part in the competition and it has been a resounding success. 14 pupils read a total of 132 books! The person that read the most books was David Sangojinmi (32 books), Toby Adelowo was very close behind on 30 books. The child who had the most interesting written response was Amy Mason. Her review was connected to Roald Dahl.

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Attendance: Pine & Rowan Triumph

Key Stage 1: Pine 98%                Key Stage 2: Rowan 97.42%                    Overall Score: 95.49%
Congratulations to Pine who have won the attendance league this week… again! Rewards for this half term will be given out after the Easter holiday so that there is time to calculate the scores accurately.

Royal Liberty Science Poster Winners:

Congratulations to Ellie Cater, Leah Webb, Tyler Francisco, Kingsley Onwuegbuzie and George who have won the poster design competition. The Royal Liberty wanted some posters to advertise particular aspects of the Science curriculum as part of their Science Week. For their efforts the children have received a chocolate bar and a shiny certificate. Well done!

Choir Performance 1

Dylan Gets Bronze

Well done to Dylan who has managed to get his Bronze Tracker completed. He is now in prime position to get his Silver completed during the Summer term.

Weekly Winners

Red – Faringdon 46

Blue – Chatteris 56

Yellow – Dulverton 43

Green – Cricklade 58

Orange – Dudley 14

Congratulations to Green (Cricklade) who have managed to win the House Point trophy this week! Next week will see the awarding of the half termly cakes and drinks for the team with the most points since February.

MDA Award: 
The following children have been recognized for their behaviour, politeness and willingness to help at lunchtimes:

Key Stage 1: Timothy Dempsey

Key Stage 2: Laila Ashour

Tuesday 26 March 2013

We're In The Paper: Mr Drakes Interview

This week we have two features in the Romford Recorder. In this article, Mr Drakes reveals what he gets up to at the weekend...

The Hundred Mile-An-Hour Dog Review

Monday 25 March 2013

Mayor's Visit - More Facts

Madam Mayor was first elected 2007 in a by election. Then she was elected again in 2010 when the local elections were held. After four years in office, she was first asked to be Mayor two years ago. However you have to serve as Deputy Mayor first. Madam Mayor is particularly proud of the fact that she started as Mayor in Jubilee year. Her term of office will end on  22nd May this year.

The children were very anxious to know what duties the Mayor has to perform. Madam Mayor told them that she has to lead the Full Council meeting - which happens  six times per year.

Q. Had you always dreamed of being the mayor? Beth King
No, I hadn't always dreamt of it. To start with I had done a lot of work in Westminster and with charities. Although my father was the Mayor of Romford and my Grandfather as well, I didn't think I would be lucky enough to get this honour.

Q. What is your favourite bit of being Mayor? Sophie Lewis
I love meeting people, especially the children. It is great to get young people involved in coming to see the Town Hall. It is so important that the young people in the Borough understand how they can play a role in our local democracy.

Q. What school did you use to go to? Ruby Burchell
The name of my school has changed now. First I went to St Mary's Convent and then I was at Romford County High - which is now known as Frances Bardsley

Q. How long can you be Mayor for? Teddy Pilcher
You can only be the Mayor for a year and then someone else has to have a turn. However you aren't on your own. There are 33 London Boroughs - each with its own Mayor. Havering is one of the biggest Boroughs. We have nearly 250,000 people living in Havering and 40 square miles of land. Because of the size of the Borough, I am very busy. In one year I have around 600 events... sometimes 5 in one day! After a year you can get rather tired.

Q. Is the necklace heavy? Jamari Cousins
Amazingly it's not too bad. The Silver chain - which is worn by the Deputy Mayor - is heavier.

Q. How did we get the name Havering? Sharna Dodge
Well, we became a London Borough in 1965. The name Havering as it goes back a 1,000 years. In 1965 it was decided that the people in the area would not have wanted it named after one of the three main towns - Romford, Hornchurch & Upminster. A neutral name was chosen. Havering was connected to the oldest part of the Borough.. Havering Atte Bower. You can see this because on the badge is the hunting lodge at Havering Atte Bower. The blue and white signifies the colours of St Andrews church in Hornchurch

Q. Would you be Mayor again? Jessica
I have enjoyed it but the job needs a big commitment of time from families and loved ones. I - like all the other Mayors - have had to give up a year of my life. I don't think I could ask my family to do it again.

School Council Meeting With Councillor Pat Murray

Minutes of the meeting taken by  Toby Adelowo:

First Pat Murray introduced himself  then we thanked him for coming to the school.

He then answered our questions;

When do we have elections?
Every 4 years we have an election – to elect a council, your parents choose. The councillors chosen are responsible for;
· Budget for schools
· Oversee the schools
· School meals
· Staff pay
· Children and learning committee – all schools
· Children in care
· Deal with all the cuts in the services
· Set a budget once a year and set the council tax

Do you have another job?
It's not meant to be full time but it is, I do I it all the time. But I am a part time social worker, I’ve been doing it for 32 years.

Do you get paid for being a councillor? 
I get allowances for travel

How did you get the job 
You need a political party and then you get elected.

How do you help the Mayor? 
It's more a question of working with the mayor. She keeps us all in order when we meet in the chambers.

Are you friends with the mayor? 
She is from a different political party. It’s more of a respect. She is always happy to agree to my requests.

How longs have you been a councillor? 
I was elected in May 2010. I got the most votes anyone person in Harold Hill hill

Are you going to try to get re elected yourself again?
I am going to try, but It might be questionable after the last election.

Girls around this table take note. We need more female councillors. You had a holiday yesterday This is Gooshays ward. We had 6 men councillors up for election and no women. Only one women stood and she came second so we still have 6 men. There are more females than males in this ward and so the females need to represented.

Do you have to live in a ward to represent the ward?
No but you would have to live in Havering. But I do live in this ward so what ever the issues my ward have I am aware of and have experienced some times experienced.

What is you budget? 
370 million pound ½ billion in the staff pension fund

When are we going to knock down the old building? 
It should be knocked down by September.

What will the space be used for? 
We need more houses. But I’m concerned that we won’t have enough school places for children. So I think the school should keep it for their use and extend

Pat then went on to praise the Mr Drakes, the children and the staff of our school for turning the school around. He wants to get our school recognition for all its hard work and becoming the best school on the hill. Pat was very impressed when the children independently started listing the 4 R’s and what they meant! They also started telling him about the words along the corridors. That is when we decided Pat should have a look at the corridors with the chair and vice chair.

We thanked him again for coming and he said it was a privilege.


Isaacs book review #3

We're In The Paper: Red Nose Day

Last week our children raised nearly £400 for Red Nose Day. The cake sale - supported by our very own MDA Tracy - was a great success. Combined with the money for 'Wear Something Red' we made a great contribution to the national fundraising total. Well done everyone. Our efforts even made the local paper!

Click here for the full article

Thank you to Tracy for her amazing cakes!

Harold Hill Success Story

Children from Harold Hill have the potential to go anywhere! If you want an example of how the sky is the limit for our children, the just read the story of Victor Annells. Born in Waverley Crescent, he attended Ingrebourne Primary school and went to Quarles. An apprenticeship with BT was followed by a job with the Post Office.
After stints in Iraq and Kuwait he has now been appointed as the Consul General for Milan.

It is great to have a local success story to show the children they are capable of anything.

Sunday 24 March 2013

E for Excellence & Other Awards

Star Reader Awards:
The following children have managed to read 10 books and earn their Bronze ceritifcate: Kieran Dash, Holly Clark, Alfie McKatherine and Jaseem Miah

E for Excellence Winners: 
These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week. Congratulations to this weeks E for Excellence winners… well done!

Brandon Lee Bundy – Mulberry

Oliver Hatwell – Cedar

Alfie Donnelly – Pine

Jessica Simpson – Aspen

Mitchell Pack – Ash

Adam Trower – Birch

Albie Brown – Rowan

Henry Cruz Konkachev – Fern

Ruby Bickell – Maple

Tommy Terry – Elm

Shaun Green – Willow

Star Writers: 
We are delighted to announce more Star Writers this week. For KS1 we have Sienna Nickson and Georgia Chilvers. In Key Stage 2 we have some amazing writing from Sian Burnett and Jack Ibbunson. Look out for pictures of their work online and clips of them reading their stories. For their efforts they receive their certificate and the Golden Pencil!

I Got Stuck: 
Dawid Bekisz managed to work his brains into overload this week and really challenge his thinking. Well done!

Bronze & Silver Tracker Awards: 
Congratulations Dawid Bekisz who has stuck the final merits onto his Silver tracker to earn his second certificate.

Friday 22 March 2013

William Edwards book review

Emma Groom book report

Isaac Stevens book report #2

Joseph Bowden book report

Sophie Lewis book report

Weekly News & Updates

The children have had a busy week again. The production of Pinocchio was a great success and inspired some fantastic writing from the children. On Thursday, Saul from The Junk Orchestra, gave the children a fabulous demonstration of how recycled materials can be used to make amazing sounds. Then to end the week, Councillor Pat Murray came to visit our School Council and talk to them about Thursday’s election, where the school was used as a polling station. The children have really enjoyed the insight into local democracy that they have had from the Mayor and now Councillor Murray. Our Governors also visited for the day on Wednesday. Having had a talk on Safeguarding, they looked in on Read Write Inc sessions and had lunch with the pupils. They then watched part of the Early Years music show. It is great to see the Governors getting back to being part of the everyday life of the school as well as providing that strategic oversight.

No Clubs Next Week: 
There will be no clubs running during the last week of the half term. Clubs will start again on Monday 22nd April.

Next Week Events: 
On Tuesday we have Jeremy Strong – the celebrated children’s author – visiting the school to work with pupils across Key Stage 2. He will be going to three schools in the locality: Brookside Junior and Hilldene as well as us. On Wednesday morning we have the usual dance, choir and cheerleading assembly. Later in the day our children will be taking part in a Cross Country Inter House competition. Thursday sees the return of the Road Safety theatre group, who are coming to distribute leaflets and information to the Year 3&4 pupils. Don’t forget that we are closed on Friday as it is a bank holiday!

Sharing Assembly: 
We look forward to welcoming the parents of the dance, choir and cheerleading clubs to their assembly performance on Wednesday 27th March @ 9.05am

Tommy's Writing

Thursday 21 March 2013

Nathan Sponsors Kids Alive

Nathan is another of our pupils who has been making good use of his pocket money. He has used his cash to sponsor children through the charity Kids Alive.

Sometimes we can find ourselves moaning that life is unfair because it was wet play, or we didn't get our turn on the computer. Perhaps we didn't get our favourite dinner or the movie we wanted to see at the cinema was already sold out. Next time you catch yourself thinking like that, spare a thought for the children that benefit from the help that people like Nathan provide.

Jeremiah's story...
Before he came to Kids Alive, this young boy’s mother was the only one he could depend on. To survive, they would loiter on the streets of their village, begging for food. She started leaving Jeremiah and his brother alone. Her health deteriorated and finally, one sad day, she died.

Unfortunately there are millions of children with similar, if not worse stories. If you would like more information about the charity and how you can help like Nathan, follow the link:

Fact Hunters: Humpback Whales, Helium and Cats

Lucy Lockhart 
Inhaling helium is dangerous because it displaces oxygen from your lungs. Your brain only has to be without oxygen for 5-6 seconds before it can suffer severe damage. Inhaling from a balloon can also lead to you swallowing part of the balloon and choking!
Kynan Omundi
Amazingly a crying baby can reach a volume of 110 decibels. This is as loud as a car horn or an orchestra! It is only 7 decibels short of the volume created inside a football stadium. No wonder it is difficult to sleep with a baby in the house!

Olivia Wheal
Did you know that people with blue eyes have a genetic condition where the ability to create brown eye pigment is switched off? This was found in a gene called OCA2 which came from a single person. They lived near the Black Sea 8,000 years ago.
Where do blue eyed people originate from? Click here to find out more

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Closed on Thursday 21st March

Closed for Polling 21st March

We would like to remind you that we will be closed on Thursday 21st March, as we are being used as a polling station in the Council by-election. School will be open on Friday as normal.

Fishy Facts: Sophie and Sophie!

Sophie Prior 
Did you know that the lion mane jellyfish is the largest known species of jellyfish? It can still sting you even if it is dead!

Sophie Hann
Did you know that deep sea fish are specially adapted to cope with the pressure of all the water pressing down on them? If you bought them up to the surface – where the pressure is less, they would explode!

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Star Readers: Bronze Silver & 75 Books Awards

Congratulations to the pupils who have done enough reading at home to collect their next set of awards.

Mason, Caitlin, Lola and Alin are all past the 10 books mark

Ellie Mae picked up her Silver certificate and £5 voucher

Charlie & Sam have earned their bookmarks

Isabelle has now read an incredible 75 books!

Horrid Henry Robs The Bank Review

Monday 18 March 2013

Letterbox Lil Review

Louis's Fact

Star Writer Awards

Congratulations to our Star Writers this week. All three of them have been inspired by their trip to see Great Expectations at the Vaudeville theatre. It has certainly had a really positive impact on their writing. So far the pupils have produced newspaper articles, crime scene investigations, character descriptions and letters of thanks.

Well done Fjorald, Ellie and Callum.

Emma's Fact

MDA Awards & I Got Stuck Certificate

MDA Award: 
The following children have been recognized for their behaviour, politeness and willingness to help at lunchtimes:

Key Stage 1 Lucy Stevens

Key Stage 2 Drew Burkett

Sunday 17 March 2013

Bronze & Silver Trackers

Bronze & Silver Tracker Awards:

Congratulations to Muskan Hassan, Danielle Mazyar, Michael Kinata, Tommy Lee Floyd, Reanna Wealand, Gabriella Asllani, Raheem Miah, Zuzi Forgacz, Nika Masolobjeva, Jordan Crane, James Burnett and Lenny Batt who have completed their Bronze trackers this week. Yinka Busari, Bailey Westfall and Daria Bekisz have earned their Silver Pencil. Meanwhile, Joe Faust, Dylan Houlston, Kingsley Onwuegbuzie, Tommy Lee Floyd, Leah Webb, Spencer Griffiths and Terrika Wright have stuck the final merits onto their Silver trackers to earn their second certificate.

Saturday 16 March 2013

Football Update: Clockhouse 0 - 3 Broadford

On Friday afternoon, in the howling wind and pouring rain, the girls football team played their first match. Nervous, excited, cold: these were just a few words that would describe how the girls were feeling. When they arrived, the team took charge of its own warm up. Samantha led them on a lap of the pitch, before Holly and Alysson bought the team together for a quick pre match huddle.

Once the game kicked off Broadford swarmed forward. Abbie and Bobbi held a high line which enabled the team to maintain the pressure on their opponents. Alysson settled down quickly and got in an early shot, making it clear that the girls had turned up to win the match.

Eventually it was pressure for Tyler Francisco - who was buzzing around midfield - that led to the opening strike. The ball was played in for Alysson and her super shot left the keeper with no chance.

Going into the second half we had to play uphill. With no subs to come on we were worried that the girls may tire. However they stuck to the task. Run after run from Holly Berry helped to relieve the pressure on our defence. Tyler - who was now in goal - made some stunning saves at the feet of the Clockhouse forward. Emboldened by her brave performance, the girls surged forward to seal the win. Abbie galloped forwards from defence, forcing a fantastic save from Clockhouse. Just when it looked like to end 0-1, Holly Berry slipped past two defenders to score a brilliant second. Moments later, she cut in from the right wing to add a third... Clockhouse 0 - 3 Broadford!

E for Excellence Winners

E for Excellence Winners:

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week. Congratulations to this weeks E for Excellence winners… well done!
Bradley Smith – Mulberry

Kaine Painter – Cedar

Alin Botonog – Pine

Olivia Wheal – Aspen

Daniel Oluokun – Ash

Russell Lockhart – Birch

Thelma Amankwah – Rowan

Sonia Lewis – Fern

Holly Berry – Maple

James Bickell – Elm

Jordan Crane – Willow

Friday 15 March 2013

Weekly Attendance Winners: Cedar & Ash

Key Stage 1: Cedar 98.28%

Key Stage 2: Ash 99%

Overall Score: 94.91%

Congratulations to Ash who have won the attendance league this week.

And the Grand Total Was...

Ellie The Star Writer

Adam's Fact

Aimee's Fact

We're In The Paper: Sam's Donkey

Sam has been donating some of his pocket money to the local animal sanctuary. Some of this money has been used to sponsor Ned the Donkey. We are very impressed with Sam's selfless use of his pocket money. Well done!

Fact Hunters: Coca Cola, Sharks & Victorian children

David Sangojinmi
In Victorian times, young children had to go into the mines and work for food. A Hurrier was a child who had to push or pull carts of coal under the ground. Sadly their maximum pay for the whole year was only 1,000 shillings. Children as young as six would have to work in the mines!

Adam Trower
Did you know that Coca Cola isn’t really brown? They use caramel food colouring to make it look that way! When the drink was first made, it was done in unclean surroundings. The brown colour covered up any strange things in the drink.

Sienna Nickson
A shark does not have one bone in its body! Instead its skeleton is made of cartilage – the stuff that’s in your nose.

Sophie Nickson
A desert centipede is a venomous centipede. It can cause extreme pain with one bite! Strangely it doesn’t actually have 100 legs, just 42. Furthermore a giraffe has a kick powerful enough to kill a lion and if a starfish loses an arm, it will grow back. Although it does take about a year.

Thursday 14 March 2013

Red Nose Day @ Broadford

Don't forget you can add an item of red clothing to your school uniform tomorrow: hair clips, socks, t-shirt, hair band, jumper or anything else you can think of. The only rule is no colouring of hair or wigs!

Please wear in your red nose and bring some money for the cake sale which we will be holding at break time.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Remember £1 is the recommended donation for the Red Nose Day, but any donation is welcome.
Cakes will be no more than 50p each and the school canteen will be open as normal.

Bronze & Silver Tracker Awards:

Congratulations to Muskan Hassan, Samantha Simpson, Dara Adu, Fawaz Bakreen, Lucy Foyster, Wiktoria Pala, Suzi Forgacz who have completed their Bronze trackers this week. Meanwhile, Kingsley Onwuegbuzi and Gabriella Asllani have stuck the final merits onto their Silver trackers to earn their second certificate. 

Art Club Display

Have a look at the amazing portraits the children have been drawing in their art club. Well done, the pictures are brilliant!