Thursday 27 August 2015

Get Caught Reading - William & Charlie


If you haven't done it yet, there is still time to finish the library reading challenge at Hilldene Library. William and Charlie have been along and made a great attempt with the challenge. Every pupil who can evidence reading 6 books during the holiday will help to contribute £50 to the playground fund pot.

Get Caught Reading - More Entries

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Thank you for the latest batch of pictures. Isabelle, Gabrielle and Bonnie took a break from their day out at Raphael's Park to read their books. Peter had a quiet five minutes at home and poor Thomas cheered himself up in hospital by reading the latest news!

Keep those pictures coming.

Get Caught Reading - Latest photos


There is still plenty of time to Get Caught Reading this holiday! Please send us in your pictures to share on the blog. Our latest entries are collated below.

Daniel took his book along to the Giant's Causeway, while Ellie Mae stopped to catch up on some current affairs by the O2. Emily looks like she was really absorbed by the tale that she was reading while she took a break from the climbing equipment.

Great pictures and thank you for sending them in!

Year 6 Awards

Congratulations to our Year 6 pupils who picked up the overall awards for Reading, Maths and Progress this year. Lennie and Ella both made the most of their time in Y6 to ensure they were ready for the move to Secondary school.

Dylan and Sharna both showed great enthusiasm for reading throughout the year.

In Maths, Kirsty and Charlie worked extremely hard to extend their learning, with both of them earning a Level 6 as a result.

Bannockburn Primary Visit

Following our visit to Bannockburn Primary earlier this year, we were delighted to welcome their pupils back to our school.

Why do we link up with other schools?
We believe that is is important for both our staff and pupils to be aware of schools from different areas and schools where there are some real contrasts to what we typically experience at Broadford.

Bannockburn is a school in Greenwich (Plumstead) - South London
They have a much larger intake - four forms of entry
Their school is split over two sites
There are a much higher proportion of pupils for whom English is an additional language
At both of their sites there is very little open space
Their school buildings are on many different levels - one has four floors!

It was great to show the Bannockburn pupils our outdoor learning areas. We were surprised at how little playground and field space they have... even though they are bigger than us. It was great to take them on the adventure trail and on the field.

At their school we saw that they have a new kitchen area. However we have Mr Borrell who teaches us how to cook. They loved making chicken chow mein with them. To begin with my partner wasn't too sure of how to use the knife safely but I was able to help her. I have been to cookery club twice!

Hopefully we will be able to continue the link with Bannockburn in the new school year as the pupils clearly hit it off and enjoyed showing each other their schools. Both of us have benefitted from the link. Due to what we saw in Greenwich, we will now be offering LAMDA classes from September. Likewise Bannockburn are now likely to join the Count On Us Challenge!

Thursday 20 August 2015

KS1 Awards: Classmate of the Year

This is the End of Year Award that is chosen by the pupils themselves. In class they think about the pupil who has most consistently demonstrated the values that we hold most important:

  1. Turn up on time every day
  2. Do your best in every lesson
  3. Be kind and polite to everyone you meet
Then the pupils vote for their choice, and the awards are presented on that basis. Congratulations to the pupils this year who have been selected by their classmates: Emily, Sonia, Tommy, James, John and Morgan!

Wednesday 19 August 2015

School Nurse Dates 2015-16

Dates have been confirmed for the school nurse to continue running her monthly drop-in surgeries from September; please sign-post any parents with questions regarding their child health or development to these. In addition to this she has also agreed to lead some parent sessions;  please see the details  below. If you have any other suggestions for sessions that she could lead either with parents or pupils please let me know. 

Enjoy the Summer! 

General Drop-in Surgeries  (8:30am- 9:30am)

Wed 15 June 


Tues 15 Sept - 9:00am - Year 5 & 6 Mums and Daughters Talk (Periods, Growing up etc)

Thurs 1 Oct - 10:00am and 2:00pm - Nursery Stay and Play  (Developmental Talk - diet, toilet training, sleeping etc)

Thurs 1 Oct  - 1:00pm - Year 6 Health and Hygiene Talk to pupils 

Tues 6 Oct - 9:00am - Reception Stay and Play (Developmental Talk - diet, milestones, etc)

Fact Hunters: Snails, turtles & whales

Roseanne Weaver
Did you know that Snapping turtles have a protrusion at the end of their tongue that much look like a worm, they held out their tongue so that any fish can mistake it as a worm and get captured by the turtle if the fish comes too near it.

Yemi Adedipe
Did you know that the ozone layer is a concentration of ozone molecules in the stratosphere. About 90% of the planet's ozone is in the ozone layer.

Martina Rensch
Did you know that the Blue Whale’s tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant?

Lilly Reynolds
Incredibly the African Giant snail can grow as big as a bicycle helmet!

We're In The Paper: Attendance Heroes

When the Romford Recorder heard about our army of Attendance Heroes, they were only too pleased to publish the details of their achievements!

Well done again to all of you who managed the 100% for the whole year. As a result of the improved attendance over the last three years we are now increasing expectations to 96% in order to get certificates and access to an extra bouncy castle session!

KS1 Awards: Sporting Excellence Prize

All year long these pupils have shown consistent excellence in their running, catching, jumping and throwing! Not only that, but they have also demonstrated a typically excellent sporting attitude. They have been humble in victory and magnanimous in defeat.

Many of these pupils have also represented the school in competitions and done us proud!

Well done Fabian, Isabelle, Oliver, Maliat, Lillie and Hayden.

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Sharing Assembly - Dance

Once again the dance club put on a stunning performance for our final Sharing Assembly of the year. Both clubs joined together to perform a joint routine. Acrobatics, maracas and funky moves... it had everything!

Get Caught Reading - Bradley

In Bradley's hectic life he is always having to multi task! If it only takes one hand to eat a burger then that leaves the other free to hold a book. Great reading Bradley.

Get Caught Reading - Holly


Despite the distractions of the beach, fairground and sea Holly has managed to still find a quiet space to enjoy her book!

Get Caught Reading - Libby in the pool


Libby was having a very relaxing holiday in Kos: soaking up the sun, floating in the pool and reading her book!

KS1 Awards: Academic Excellence Prize

This prize is awarded to the pupils in each Year group who have shown real academic excellence throughout the whole of the year. Typically they are working at expectations above those expected for their age. In groups and independently they always show a real thirst for knowledge and are highly motivated to improve.

Well done to all of you and thank you for the excellence you have routinely displayed this year.

Volunteer Awards

Congratulations to our latest batch of award winners! Kieran, Kirsty and Charlotte have all given up many hours of their time to help out in various roles around the school.

If you would like to be a volunteer for 2015-16, then please make sure you see Mrs Nicholls for your tracker in September and you can get started!

Cycling Awards

Throughout the year we have run a cycling programme with the aim to have all of our pupils confident on two wheels and able to use their bike competently on the road by the time they leave us. To begin with it starts with 'Ditch the Stabilizers', onto Cycle Awareness Days, Bikeability and then our more advanced program.

Once they are qualified (in Year 5) pupils can go on to ride at the Redbridge Cycle centre, join the cycle club to practise their skills, join Phil (our cycle coach) for monthly rides around the local area and finally visit the Olympic Park for an experience at the Velodrome!

These pupils have been members of the programme all year and have really seen their skills develop. Well done to you all... and remember to wear that helmet!

Monday 17 August 2015

Get Caught Reading - Finley on holiday

Finley was caught reading one of his Cat in the Hat books, while he was relaxing in Lanzarote!

Get Caught Reading - Phoebe

What better place to sit down for a quick read with your sister than on the trampoline...

KS1 Awards: Outstanding Contribution Prize

This is the award that is given to the pupils who have consistently added that bit of sparkle and sunshine to everyday life. It could have been their persistently cheerful attitude, the way they are so kind and helpful to their classmates, the enthusiasm they show for learning or perhaps their sense of humour.

Whatever it is, they have definitely added a little something extra and made each and every day a more enjoyable one... thank you!

First Day of Term: Thursday 3rd September

We are already looking forward to welcoming you back on Thursday 3rd September. Breakfast Club will be open as usual from 7.45am and the doors will open to the children’s new classes at 8.30am as usual.

Get Caught Reading - Ella at the pool


Ella chose to read her book after a dip in the pool. What a great way to work on your tan!

Straw Art Work

Our art club have created some stunning images using paint and straws. Based on The Scream (by Edvard Munch) the children had to think of something terrible and how they would react.

I imagined what it would be like if West Ham were relegated!

When I thought of something terrible I imagined that Mr Drakes had cancelled the summer holiday!

Once the children had painted their shocked faces, they blew droplets of paint with straws to create the crazy hair!

Freddie & Megan Caught Reading

A great picture ofMegan reading to her teddy Rarity and Freddie reading to his pet Indominus Rex on the balcony of their holiday apartment.

In the background you can see the magnificent Perranporth beach and blue sky  in the background.

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Get Caught Reading - Finley


Can you spot the famous London Landmark in the background? Finley found a great spot in London to carry on his holiday reading!

KS2 Maths Quiz

Well done to our super mathematicians who represented Broadford at the recent Hall Mead maths quiz. Kirsty, Dylan, Kailen and Kulsoom scored the highest total we have ever had in the competition and placed very well against the other schools.

"We had to work really well as a team as almost all the questions were word problems or unusual challenges. Working together meant that we could share ideas and not just get stuck."

Well done to you all for representing us so confidently!

100% Heroes

Everyone knows that you should turn up for school every day. However at Broadford Primary the most important job for all pupils is to 'turn up every day on time'. By really impressing the importance of excellent attendance on the pupils, the school has seen their attendance rise from 93.2% four years ago to over 96% in the last academic year. This year 43 pupils managed to achieve a perfect attendance score. But that is no longer enough to be the best. 

In 2014-15 Broadford Primary had 7 pupils who had managed two consecutive years attendance including three pupils who have now not missed a single day for 3 years!

"Turning up every day is our number one value. If the children aren't here they can't learn and benefit from the experiences on offer. If a pupil misses just 5% each year, over their time at Primary school they will have missed over a term of school. To have so many pupils who Re achieving perfect scores and doing it year after year really shows how the culture of the school has changed. Better attendance, means better progress which brings better results."

Malcolm Drakes - Headteacher

To mark the pupils incredible achievement the school's Governors were delighted to come in and act as waiters for a tea and cupcake party held in their honour.

"To have pupils who have attended for over 570 consecutive days of school is amazing. Serving them drinks, giving them a cupcake and presenting them with their trophies was the least we could do, we are so proud of what they have achieved"
Gill Gordon - Chair of Governors

In addition to this, Fitzroy, Harry, Hakeem, Lucy, Olamide, Holly and Jack all received Argos vouchers as a reward for their consecutive achievements.

So what is their secret? How have these pupils managed to avoid missing a day...

"I just love the lessons that we have every day. There is always something new to learn and the teachers have lots of fun activities. I don't want to miss out!"
Lucy Stevens - aged 9 - Birch Class

"At our school we have lots of trips and visitors. If you miss a day then you really lose out. Why would I want to stay at home when I can learn new facts, have Science lessons with real Bunsen burners, go to Sky Garden in London or speak to a real Viking?
Hakeem Bakreen - aged 11 - Palm class

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Year 6 Leavers’s Event & BBQ:

Thank you to all the parents, friends and other family members who attended the Year 6 celebration evening on Wednesday evening. The high level of turn out and support made it a very memorable event and allowed us to give much greater focus to the children’s achievements than what we have done in the past. A huge thank you as well to the FoB who provided the pre evening entertainment and food for the children. The BBQ was delicious and the children had the use of a chocolate fountain, which was a big hit!

KS2 Super Spellers

Ruby & Melisa have shown real resilience by ensuring that they didn't drop a single point in their spelling tests across the entire year!

As a reward for their endeavour, each pupil received £35 of vouchers across year and a shiny certificate!

KS1 Awards: Effort Prize

This annual award is given out to the pupils (one from each class) who have demonstrated high levels of personal effort in every session across the whole year. By performing at such a consistently high level they have made great progress both academically and personally.

Well done Isabelle, Zac, Thomas, Alex, Leah & Courtney

KS1 Awards: Learning Power Awards

These annual awards are given out to the pupils who have consistently demonstrated our Learning Behaviours in lessons and their behaviour around the school.

At Broadford we believe that we have a duty to develop responsible, independent learners who demonstrate:
Reciprocity – striving to become both independent and collaborative learners
Resilience – can demonstrate perseverance, manage distractions, notice patterns and become absorbed in their tasks.
Reflectiveness – can plan carefully, revise ideas, identify key features and can talk about their learning.
Resourcefulness – is curious about their learning, can make links between ideas, show imagination, reason methodically and capitalise on resources

KS1 Awards: Super Spellers

These pupils have shown real resilience by ensuring that they didn't drop a single point in their spelling tests across the entire year!

I practise me spellings every night when I get home. On the last test I was a bit nervous in case I made a mistake, but I knew them all!

I love my spellings. I am really proud to have a perfect record. Mrs Nicholls took me to the Spelling Bee competition at Drapers and I did well there too. I just have to make sure I practise everyday!

As a reward for their endeavour, each pupil received £35 of vouchers across year and a shiny certificate!