Friday 29 April 2016

Tracker Awards:

Dorrie Lewis has managed to collect enough merits for her Bronze award. Fallon Sharpe, Aaliyah Yasrin, Charis Jones, Samira Rahman, Oliver Stay & Grace Leadbitter have all managed to reach their Silver Pencil! Kaitlyn Smethurst, Ronnie Mersh, Steven Davenport, Jorja Dines, Simran Bashir & Maisie Moss have claimed their Silver Award.

Caitlin Bowden & Conor Borrell have managed to complete their Diamond award. Brandon Cohen & Jack Eve have all earned their Platinum pencil & pen set. Martin Wicher has collected his Platinum award. Chloe Trew has her Prestige Silver Pencil. Melisa Krasniqi has now achieved her Double Prestige Gold.

Certificate of Presentation:

Rashida Sillah, Rokas Zaikauskas, Nathan Ehihon, Megan Lewis & Alex Kopiec: all of these pupils have shown that they are making a sustained effort to improve and develop their presentation. By carefully forming their numbers and ensuring their handwriting is neat and legible they are producing much higher quality pieces of work.

Star Writers:

Thelma Amankwah, Ronnie Gayle, Dorrie Lewis, Evie Crispin, Ayomade Adegbite, Yemi Adedipe, Levan Towe Enu, Jessica Butler, Gracee Mae Coble, Ronnie Nicholls & Rose Anna Weaver: these children have all produced pieces of outstanding writing this week.

Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

Learning Power Awards:

These are the key skills that our children will need to learn effectively in class and be successful later in life. Lola Mae Trinder & Leo Mbata have demonstrated effective reciprocity this week – able to listen carefully, work collaboratively and take turns.

Zac Nickson, Thomas Royer, Micayla Smith, Nathan Ehihon, Trinity Hawkes, Lucy Stevens, Storm Hawkes & Charlie Quilligan have shown that they can manage distractions, notice patterns and become absorbed in their tasks – well done for your Resilience certificate.

Deborah Oluokun, Tommy Cressey & Dora Lewis all demonstrated how they can make links between ideas and capitalize on resources to earn their Resourcefulness award.

Keira Parmenter, Ayomide Otegbola, Violet Chilton & Freddie Lewis have all demonstrated that they are able to revise their ideas, plan carefully and talk about their learning this week. Well done on your Reflectiveness Award.

Fact Hunters: Queens & dinosaurs

Jake Reynolds
Did you know that like the UK Spain is a constitutional monarchy?

Alfie Bloy 
Incredibly our planet Earth is the only one not named after a Greek or Roman God.

Brooke Atkinson
Compsognathus was the name of a small dinosaur which caught and ate small animals, including insects and lizards.

Reading Awards:

Well done to Fallon Sharpe who has completed her Bronze reading awards for finishing 10 books! Maddison Asling, Moyin Ayodola, Ellie Brooks, Aimee Leigh Parmenter, Finley Hudson, Charlie Marshall, Jorja Dines, Ethan Himyuandi & Evie Crispin have their bookmarks for 25 books completed.

Oliver Bartnik, Callie Romeril & Temilola Omisore have managed to get to 50 books and collect their Silver award. Isabelle Curtis Rich & Jersey Callcut Hannaford have now reached 100 books and collects their Gold Award.

Sunday 1st May - #wearekind

Today is the first day of #wearekind month. 

Being kind to someone is one of the easiest things to do, even if that person may not have been so kind to you. The act of kindness in itself is never wasted. If by chance it has no effect on the person intended, at the very least it shows your character. Be proud of that.
Gabrielle Prichard.

The pupils and staff at Broadford Primary School want to start a kindness revolution. Join the revolution and follow our #wearekind in May calendar.

Day 1 pass on a daily wish.

Recycle a “thought-for-the-day". Maybe your favourite saying or a positive phrase you have seen or heard. Here are a few for inspiration. 

Monday 2nd May - #wearekind

Day 2 Say something nice about someone else. 

How often do we find ourselves in a situation where people are saying mean things about someone else, behind his or her back? It might happen at school, at home or when you’re playing at a friend’s house. No matter where it is, it’s easy to give in to pressure and go along with what the people around you are doing and join in criticizing or making fun of someone else. But the kind thing to do in that situation is stick up for the person who is being gossiped about, and find something nice to say about them. You wouldn't want your friends or classmates saying mean things about you behind your back, and going along with peer pressure won’t necessarily make people like you better. Refraining from gossip and sticking up for others will make you a more trustworthy person and keep your friendships strong. And when you stand up for someone, you’ll be setting an example and your friends will be encouraged to do the same. If you overhear your friends saying something bad about someone else behind their back, refrain from joining in the gossip. Instead say something nice about the person who they are talking about, and try to change the subject. Be careful of the friends you choose. Instead of hanging out with kids who constantly gossip or make fun of people, choose kind, caring friends.

Have courage and be kind.

E for Excellence Winners:

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.
Leigh Anna Weaver – Mulberry
Olivia Bundy – Pine
Chloe Rose Marshall – Cedar
Kaitlyn Smethurst – Cherry
Joshua Kaylor – Ash
Alin Botonog – Hazel
Rolan Vumuka – Birch
Fabian Cacaj – Willow
Maisie Clarke – Elm
Sara Lopes – Maple
Rhian Ekwulugo – Acer
Chloe Trew – Palm
Ellie Mae Wager – Sequoia


KS1& EYFS:​ Cherry 98.7%
KS2:​ Hazel 97.9%
Overall:​ 95.7%

Once again the attendance figure is above 95%, but not quite at that magic mark of 96%. Well done to Cherry Class for topping the league this week.

Dates for the Diary

Year 2 Open Mornings:
We are looking forward to welcoming in the parents of Cherry and Cedar pupils next week for the Y2 Open Mornings.
Tuesday 3rd @ 9.10am ­ Cedar
Wednesday 4th @ 9.10am ­ Cherry

Key Dates Next Week: School open as normal Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th May
We are open for two days next week. We will be closed on the following dates:
Monday 2nd May ­ Bank Holiday
Thursday 5th May ­ Election Day
Friday 6th May ­ INSET

Diary Dates
We are closed on Monday for the Bank Holiday. Year 4 are out on their ‘Exploring London’ trip on Tuesday and Wednesday. Cedar have their open morning on Tuesday at 9.10am. In the afternoon Reception have their Stay & Play. Also on Tuesday our JTAs will be interviewing James Cracknell. Cherry have their Open Morning on Wednesday.

School will then be closed for Thursday and Friday.

The week after, we start the Year 6 SATs, so all pupils will need to be in promptly for 8.45am as the Reading test starts at 9am sharp!

Sharing Assembly: Wednesday 4th May @ 9.10am
There isn’t a Sharing Assembly this week due to the closures on Monday and the change of teacher in Hazel. Their assembly has been put back to the 15th June.

Reception Stay & Play: Tuesday 3rd May @ 1.45pm
We look forward to seeing the parents of our Reception pupils on Tuesday afternoon. The session starts at 1.45pm.


#wearekind Campaign Launch:
The month of May has been designated as our #wearekind month! This is the campaign launched by our Year 5 pupils at Wembley Arena as part of WE Day UK. Our ambassadors will be going into class to promote the random acts of kindness so that we can start a kindness revolution in our school. We have drawn up a calendar for the month and there will be daily updates using the #wearekind hashtag.

Our two speakers - Leo and Temira - had their own RAK when they opened a thank you package containing photos and gifts for their WE Day performance. Well done you!

The Big Pedal - Biker''s Breakfast

Today is the last day of the Big Pedal and Biker's Breakfast day!
All pupils who scoot or ride to school today will receive a bikers' breakfast when they arrive at school!

Congratulations to all of the scooters and riders over the last two weeks, results will be in next week.

Thursday 28 April 2016

#wearekind in May

I am sure that you can remember that our year 5 pupils went to city hall in December and made a successful bid to Team London and Unilever to be able to carry out the campaign #wearekind.

In March, Leo and Temira, advertised the campaign on the Wembley arena stage at WE day, and encouraged the 12,000 strong audience to participate in #wearekind with us.

Pupils and staff were fortunate to meet Onyi Anyado in February who taught us how to be the best that we can be. His assembly showed us that with a clear vision, being disciplined, determined and dedicated we can and we will achieve excellence.

This May we want to make our #wearekind campaign even bigger and better. We have devised a #wearekind calendar which inspires us to participate in a random act of kindness each day in the month of May. Please keep this calendar in a place where it will remind you to spread daily kindness and encourage your children to do the same. We want everyone to be kind to each other so why not get the whole family involved?

Keep an eye on the school blog for more ideas and stories on how we can start a kindness revolution right here at Broadford Primary School. 

Partition Is Down

The KS2 corridor is returning to normal with the removal of the partition between us and the new build. Both classrooms are just waiting for the flooring to go down and the ICT to be installed. Hopefully we should be able to take ownership of the inside within four weeks, leaving just some outdoor landscaping to be finished.

Fact Hunters: Inventors & Kings

Summer RoseTrew
Were you aware that William 1 was crowned as the King of England on Christmas Day 1066?
It is estimated that William was 5′ 10″. This made him quite tall for his time.

Emily Claydon 
Did you know that Elon Musk was the first person to launch a commercial spacecraft?

Lillie Mersh 
Did you know that castles were multi functional spaces? They were used as homes, defences,
markets and palaces.

Laiba Shah 
Incredibly the Queen is able to speak fluent French and often uses the language to address guests.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Star Readers & Writers

Star Writers:
Yazmin Satti, Grace Gore, Ronnie Nichols, Kabey Stevens, Razvan Gabreanu, Olamide Otegbola, Charis Jones, Mitchell West, Grace Moody, Michael Rack, Harry Kaylor, Michael Ramalingam & Jessica Chilvers: these children have all produced pieces of outstanding writing this week. Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

Reading Awards:
Well done to Tiara McGillivary, Fabian Cacaj & Vakare Ivanovaite who have completed their Bronze reading awards for finishing 10 books! Tinuade Owolabi has her bookmark for 25 books. Joshua Ore, Molly Vincent, Fayo Ayodola & Leah Sharpe have managed to get to 50 books and collect their Silver award. Ellie Wise, Alex Ianache and Elina Joshi have been given a book to mark reading 75 books at home.

Learning Power Awards:

These are the key skills that our children will need to learn effectively in class and be successful later in life. Amelia Hynes, CallumWatson, Kara Middleton, James Olatunji, Maisy Cohen & Amandeep Ubhi have demonstrated effective reciprocity this week – able to listen carefully, work collaboratively and take turns.

Amundeep has worked well with her partner and been able to share her ideas effectively.

Callum carefully thought about the strengths of each member of his group and gave their roles out accordingly

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Biker's Breakfast

Friday 22nd April saw the end of the first week of The Big Pedal and was biker's breakfast day. Everyone who came to school on their scooter or bike received a healthy breakfast when they arrived. 

This week is the final week of The Big Pedal and Friday 29th April is our last biker's breakfast. Keep cycling and scooting everyday to make sure that Broadford reaches the top of the leader board.

Broadford is currently in 54th place out of 148 in greater London. Over the past week 29% of pupils have been scooting or cycling to school. Let’s see if we can make it 50% by the end of this week!

Closed for INSET: 5th & 6th May

There are a number of events over the next three months that will necessitate some whole or partial closures of the school site. We have included all that we have confirmed below. However it is still possible that there will be additional days at the very end of the Summer term once the plan for demolishing the old building is confirmed. As soon as we know more we will inform you.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Closures in May
Please be advised that next week school is only open to children for two days. The schedule for next week is below:

Monday 2nd May - Closed for Bank Holiday
Tuesday 3rd May - Open
Wednesday 4th May - Open
Thursday 5th May - Closed (Mayoral Elections)
Friday 6th May - Closed (INSET for RWI & Language & Literacy)

We have made the decision to use the Friday 6th date to allow us to have our 2 Day training for RWI and Language & Literacy as we are going to have to close for the elections.

Closures in June
Thursday June 23rd - Closed (EU Elections)
Friday June 24th - Half day (school closes at 1.30pm). Nursery will have a joint session in the morning.

Closures in July
Nursery will be closing to pupils from July 13th - last session finishes at 11.30am

Harold Hill Library Art Club


KS1& EYFS: Cherry & Cedar 98.7%
KS2: Acer 98.3%
Overall: 96.6%

We are very pleased that the attendance has now bounced back to a much better level 96%+.

Congratulations to Cedar class who have become the first class to successfully retain the attendance league title. As a consequence they will shortly be off to Kidspace for a fun afternoon.

Fact Hunters: Cards & Cheetahs

Coral Wilkinson
Did you know that the Queen has signed over 45,000 Christmas cards while she has been on the throne?

Ethan Himyuandi
Did you know that the cheetah is the fastest land animal, reaching speeds between 112 and 120km/h (70 and 75 mph) in short bursts?

Did you know that Mantis Shrimp have the best eyesight in the world? They have up to 16 photoreceptors and can see UV, visible and polarised light!

Leah Joyce 
Scarily the Vikings used to invade and then charge the Kings money so that they wouldn’t come back!

Tracker Awards:

Joe Green has managed to collect enough merits for his Bronze award.

Mia Gallagher & Roxy Smith have claimed their Silver Award.

Nikola Urban has reached her Golden Bookmark. Austin Hall has managed to complete his Golden Tracker.

Jackie Ramalingam has managed to complete her Diamond award.

Parent Gym Introductory Session Thursday 28th @ 1pm

We are delighted to inform you that we are able to offer a second round of the Parent Gym support for parents.

Why do we offer Parent GYm?
We believe that our parents should have the opportunity to have support with developing parenting skills. We believe that our school should help to facilitate groups and sessions to achieve this. We believe that stronger parenting will ultimately lead to happier pupils and better performance in school... as well as a happier home!

How does Parent Gym work?
Parent Gym is a course of six 2hour workshops with ‘missions’ to complete in between each one. Each ‘gym’ has up to 20 parents and one Parent Gym Coach. Each week’s session is devoted to a different topic and comes with its own unique Parent Gym magazine packed with practical tips.

What is covered in the sessions?
The highly participative sessions explore a vast range of questions such as "how can I get my child to open up?", "how can I resolve family disagreements in a positive way" or how can I build my child's resilience"

How do I sign up?
If you would like to take part in these sessions, please see Miss Taylor (EYFS Lead) or Mrs Taylor (Office Manager) to sign up for the introductory session.

In the last session 100% of the parents involved strongly agreed that it had improved their confidence. 100% strongly agreed that they felt better able to deal with challenging situations calmly. 100% of parents involved felt that the group had helped them to build stronger relationships with other parents that would empower them in the future.

Saturday 23 April 2016

Nursery Summer Closure: Final session Wednesday 13th July 8.30 - 11.30am

This year we will have some significant changes to make to our Nursery provision.

  1. We will need to move all the Nursery furniture and equipment to the demountable classrooms on the playground in order to make way for the third Reception class which is due to start in September. 
  2. There is new furniture to install into the Nursery to make it ready for the increased number of pupils we have coming in the Autumn.
  3. In order to move we have to clean and re sort the equipment and toys

As a consequence we will need more time to ensure that we have the work completed prior to the Summer holiday starting. Once the demolition commences, we will not have guaranteed access to the portakabins as they are so close to the demolition area.

This means that all the Nursery pupils will be invited to a final morning session on Wednesday 13th July when we have the bouncy castles on the field. The Nursery will then be closed to pupils until the start of the new pupil induction next academic year.

Thank you for being so understanding about the arrangements.

On a separate note we were delighted to see that all 90 of the places offered for Reception in September have been filled and that we were heavily oversubscribed with 274 applications.

E for Excellence Winners:

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.

Roxie Smith – Mulberry
Alice Adedipe – Pine
Grace Leadbitter – Cedar
Charlie Simpson – Cherry
Isabelle Reynolds – Ash
Ethan Gibbs – Hazel
Finley Livingstone – Birch
Samira Rahman – Willow
Joshua Ore – Elm
Oliver Hatwell – Maple
Simona Raklevicius – Acer
Reece Wager – Palm
Conor Borrell – Sequoia

Community Kindness

We were delighted to hear how the local community has rallied round one of our families. The amazing generosity of the community will make a big difference to Summer!

Classroom Update

We now have the classrooms being painted. Hopefully the partition to the main corridor will be down by Monday and the children will be able to see the transformation! It will only be a few more weeks and it will be finished!

Certificate of Presentation:

Well done to our Certificate of Presentation winners this week.

Samanyu Handoo, Mikkileigh Williamson, Connor Robinson, Thomas Royer, Adam Murray, Leah Joyce, Maisie Clarke, Arhann Kaushal, Caitlin Bowden, Tia Takhar, Chloe Trew, Jaseem Miah, Razvan Babreanu, Katherine Barrett, Sian Burnett, Sophie Nickson, Caitlin Parmenter, Sophie Adams & Sophie Kaylor: all of these pupils have shown that they are making a sustained effort to improve and develop their presentation.

By carefully forming their numbers and ensuring their handwriting is neat and legible they are producing much higher quality pieces of work.

Learning Power Awards

Storm Hawkes, Georgia Chilvers, Ayomide Otegbola, Dylan Yeates & Joe Green have shown that they can manage distractions, notice patterns and become absorbed in their tasks – well done for your
Resilience certificate.

Armani Peek, Jacob Houlston, Alffie Pilcher, Katherine Barrett, Roseanna Weaver & Indie Sale have all
demonstrated how they can make links between ideas and capitalize on resources to earn their Resourcefulness award.

Literacy Trust Awards

Magic Forest Challenge:
Well done to Andreea & Sofia who have reached Grizelda's Tower! This is the end of their reading journey through the Friendship Forest.

To complete the adventure, our pupils had to read their way around Friendship Forest. For every 10 minutes they spend reading they moved a step closer to the finish – 10 hours in total! There were seven different locations to visit, when they reached a new location Miss Sparkes verified that the reading had taken place.

The challenge made me want to read more every night. If I did twenty minutes I could colour in two steps on the pathway! It was really fun.

Frankie's Magic Challenge
Well done to Holly, Ruben and Hayden who have read enough to complete Frankie's Magic Challenge.

How did it work?
The competition used the popular series Frankie’s Magic Football and Magic Animal Friends to engage and motivate pupils to read more for pleasure. Pupils recorded their reading journey in their own special log books and every 10 minutes they read took them a step closer to the finish. Every pupil who completed the challenge was also eligible to be entered into a prize draw.

Free books!
Our school was one of the first 500 eligible to register - meaning we were provided with a class set of 30 books. We also had access to a wealth of resources: A beautifully designed Frankie’s Magic Football or Magic Animal Friends themed reading log into which pupils could record their reading

Since starting the challenges in the library we have seen a significant increase in the number of reading sessions completed at home.

Maths Champions

Congratulations to Fayo, Adam & Arya who successfully completed the maths challenge this week.

We've also got two Human Calculator awards. Isaac has been working hard on algebra problems in preparation for his SATs.
This week we have been solving equations 4b + 12 = 60. With my partner we have also had to write formula to solve problems.

Ella has shown great perseverance this week and not given up on some tough problems
Ella made great use of the help desk to ensure she could complete the tasks. 

Friday 22 April 2016

Diary Dates

Year 5 are off to the West Stow Anglo Saxon Village on Monday. Our Spinebreakers from Pine will be going to the Hilldene library in the afternoon.

On Tuesday 26th, Year 2 are going to visit the Tower of London and Nursery have a Stay & Play session from 10.30am & 2.30pm which will focus on reading.

Elm have their Sharing Assembly on Wednesday.

Thursday sees the return of Phil for the next round of Cycle Clubs which involves Y56 pupils. In the morning we have a chance for parents from both Mead & Broadford to come into Broadford and meet with Governors to ask any questions about the proposed Federation. This is repeated
in the afternoon at Mead and then again on Friday only aim to attend one of the sessions.

At 1pm on Thursday we have a taster session for Parent Gym.

Finally we finish the week with the Count On Us Challenge at City Hall.

Sharing Assembly: Elm Class Wednesday 27th April @ 9.10am
Next week we will be delighted to welcome the parents of pupils in Elm class for the Sharing Assembly.

Rocket seeds have landed from space!

In partnership with the UK Space Agency and Royal Horticultural Society, we are thrilled to be taking part in Project Rocket Science!

On Wednesday we sowed 2 packets of rocket seeds, each packet contained 100 tiny seeds.  One packet has spent time on the International Space Station, the other packet has not but we don't know which is which!

Caitlyn and Molly made 200 labels from a clear plastic cups.  Why do you think it was important for the labels to be clear?  The labels will help distinguish between both sets of seeds and will aid us when calculating the percentage of seed germination later on.

Yemi and a enthusiastic group of Year 6 pupils, carefully prepared the trays by filling them with a good-quality compost and then using a dibber, created 2cm deep holes ready for the tiny seeds.

After giving them a good water, we moved them to a well-lit windowsill and look forward to turning and watering them every two days.

'I am so excited about being a space biologist and finding out if we can grow yummy food on other planets that are so far away from Earth!'  Yemi, Year 4

The 'Rocket Science' project is designed to introduce pupils to the practice of working to a structured scientific method, as well as showing pupils the fascinating, 'hidden' science behind horticulture.  Throughout the experiment, pupils will measure and record key data for their seeds as they germinate and grow.  At the end of the experiment, schools upload their data onto a national database, enabling every school taking part to contribute to a global scientific understanding of growing plants in space.