Thursday 31 October 2013

Sharing Assembly: 6th November Elm Class

We look forward to welcoming the parents of Elm to their sharing assembly on Wednesday 6th November @ 9.05am

Fact Hunters: Fires, Lava & Bears

Georgia Chilvers 
King Charles II was very keen to stop another Great Fire, so he ordered all new houses to be build using brick and stone. There had to be wider streets and no obstructions to get to the river.

Harry Vincent
Did you know that there was once a dinosaur called the Liopleurodon? It was probably the biggest meat eating animal that has ever lived. It existed 150 million years ago and could grow up to 25m in length.

Finley Livingstone
Amazingly black bears can run at speeds in excess of 30mph. Trying to outrun a bear can be a fatal mistake!

Jacob Owsley
Make sure you don’t touch this! Lava is molten rock and it erupts from a volcano as a liquid at temperatures from 700 to 1,200 °C (1,292 to 2,192 °F). That is up to 12 times as hot as boiling water.

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Charity Fundraiser – Friday 25th October Black, Red & Yellow Day

We had a fantastic response to the charity event on Friday. Over £300 has been raised towards the funding of children from different parts of the world. The target for this day was only £240… so thank you to all for giving so generously. This year the School’s Council have made a request that we raise money to sponsor children from around the globe. Our first sponsorship arrangement will be with a child from Uganda

Details of the child who has been sponsored will then be shared with you and the pupils once we have paid the monies to the charity. We feel that this will be a meaningful way of the pupils seeing how their money makes a big difference. Often they contribute to very large pots of money (Children in Need) and you can’t see the specific impact of your efforts. This will allow the children to follow someone in very real need of sponsorship to whom a small amount can actually be life changing.

Yellow Brick Road Theme Day

We've had some great Theme Days in the canteen this half term. One of the most successful was the Yellow Brick Road day. Over 175 dinners were served by Mandy and the team. The chocolate doughnuts were delicious!

E for Excellence Winners:

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week. Congratulations to this weeks E for Excellence winners… well done!

Maison Sheriff – Mulberry

Conor Borrell – Cedar

Callie Barnett – Pine

Jessica Rideout – Year 5

Kie Allen – Ash

Olamide Otegbola – Birch

Prince Onwuebuzie– Rowan

Amy Ellis – Year 1

Nathan Owsley – Maple

Samantha Simpson – Elm

Lenny Marshall – Willow

Lily Jones – Cherry

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Rainbow & Star Writers:

Ellie Mae Wager, Caydon Buckland & Callum Watson have earned their golden pencil for a great piece of Rainbow writing… well done!

Monday 28 October 2013

Half Term Activities - Romford Shopping Mall

Dear parents,

We have received these leaflets which inform you about a half term activity taking place in the Romford Mall.

Fact Hunters: Flags, Racing & Gods

Alfie McKatherine 
Did you know that The Great Strahov Stadium (Czech: Velký strahovský stadion) has a capacity of around 220,000? It is the largest stadium in the world, and the second largest sports facility worldwide after the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Prince Onwuebugzie
Incredibly the total biomass of all the ants on Earth is roughly equal to the total biomass of all the people on Earth. There are at least 1.5 million ants on the planet for every human being. Over 12,000 species of ants are known to exist, on every continent except Antarctica.

Endurance Obazee
Were you aware that some people think the Hindu God Brahma is not worshipped is because his role as the creator is now finished.

Iashah Sillah 
If you look closely at the Ugandan Flag, you will see a crane in the middle of the design. It stands on one leg to show how the country is still moving forward.

Storm Damage: Tree Top Is Shattered

Luckily the school building has avoided any damage in the high winds. However the top of the oak tree has sheared off, which is rather sad. Hopefully the rest of the tree will not be too affected.

Sunday 27 October 2013

New Winter Menu - School Dinners

Please see the new menu for the next half term. You'll be happy to note that custard features quite heavily!

Bronze, Silver & Gold Tracker Awards:

Harry Bradley, Matthew Leadbitter and Adam Trower have now got to the end of their Silver Trackers.

Bailey Westfall has reached his Golden Bookmark… well done to you.

Congratulations to Chloe Trew & Terrika Wright who have managed to complete their Golden trackers! 

Dawid Bekisz has managed to finish his Platinum Tracker and now moves onto Diamond.

Saturday 26 October 2013

Weekly Winners: I Got Stuck, MDA & Projects

I Got Stuck:
These children have been showing the qualities of an effective learner. Resilience, reciprocity, resourcefulness and reflectiveness are essential skills to learn effectively: Rashidah Sillah & Charlie Matthams

MDA Award Winners:
These wonderful children have particularly helpful at lunchtimes this week.

KS1 Martina Rensch

KS2 Lily Redgrave

Project Superstars: 
Finley Livingstone is to be congratulated for his learning at home… good job Finley!

Super Readers Bronze Award

Super Readers:
Emily Claydon, Charlie Matthams, Haliya Gbadamosi, Aimee Borrell, Thomas Brown, Olivia Wheal, Jack Peppit, Elina Joshi, Georgia Brooks, Ja Shayla Cousins, Callie Barnett, Grace Gore, Fabian Cacaj, Finley Redmond, Isabelle Munford, Finley Livingstone, Lucien Bundy, Lilly Reynolds, Kabey Stevens, Libby Northwood, Matthew Murcia, Laiba Shah, Teddy Pilcher, Kieran Dansey, Conor Peppit, Elisa Rina, Gabriella Asllani, Zuzanna Forgacz, & Georgina Morton have managed to earn their Bronze reading certificates.

Now they can aim for their bookmark during half term!

Friday 25 October 2013

Attendance Update: Cedar Lead at Halfway


KS1: Cedar 98.89%
KS2: Birch 95.67% 
Overall: 93.95%

We are struggling to keep our attendance at the target level. To have already dipped to 93.95% this early in the year is not acceptable. There are a large number of children who are still on their 100%, but we need more of them.

So far in the league, Cedar are leading with 50 points. Birch and Willow aren't far behind though.

Friends of Broadford Disco: Thank you

Thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time to put on the Halloween Disco for the children. Over 200 tickets were sold. A lot of hard work went into preparing the event and supervising it on the night and we appreciate the effort as a large number of children had a fantastic time. We now look forward to the Christmas Bazaar that will come next half term. It is estimated that the event made £400 which is a fantastic sum and goes directly back to your children to help pay for additional resources and equipment. Last year money from the FoB paid for the Year 1 playhouse, which the children have loved this term.