Tuesday 30 July 2013

Video Memories - EYFS Graduation 2

Here are Aspen class telling us what they have enjoyed most about their time in Reception.

Video Memories - EYFS Graduation 1

Over the course of the Summer holidays we will be going through the videos we have taken. It is a great chance to catch up and remember some of the great memories the children gave us this year. First up we have some snippets from the EYFS Graduation. Enjoy!

Classmates of the Year - KS2

Each year the classes get to vote for the pupil who has shown the best example when it comes to each of our key expectations:

  1. Turn up every day, on time
  2. Do your best in every lesson
  3. Be kind and polite to everyone you meet
These pupils were recognised by their classmates and chosen as the classmate of the year. Well done to Jack, Johnny, Spencer, Raheem, Summer and Toheeb.

Monday 29 July 2013

Termly Attendance Awards

Well done to these pupils who have achieved 100% attendance as a reward for their efforts they will be receiving a range of prizes: pen and pencil sets, diaries, bubble kits and colouring books. Although this term has not been as successful as we hoped for attendance, these children have done extremely well do exceed the school target and attain 100%... well done!

Golden Mile Achievement

Congratulations to all of our pupils as they have all contributed to a fantastic average distance run for the golden mile of 1.09 miles!

The Golden Mile is a safe, simple and measurable health & physical activity initiative accessible to all your pupils regardless of age or ability.

The aim is to inspire and encourage a school community through physical activity with the focus on fun, rewarding personal achievement, raising money and school competition.

We are reinforcing the message that children should engage in regular daily physical activity habits across the week, every week all year round.

Hopefully we can beat this total next year.

Friday 26 July 2013

Holiday Cricket Club

Broadford Writers Published!

Congratulations to Kailen, Fawaz, Zuzanna & Sophie who have been the first Broadford pupils to have their stories published into a book. Last term the children won a Dinosaur Story competition. Their four entries each had a great perspective on the task. Kailen had a magical tale of a boy sitting down for afternoon tea - in the middle of a wood - with some dinosaur friends. Sophie wrote a touching story about a T-Rex named Trevor... who wouldn't feel sorry for a lonely T-Rex. Zuzanna went down the action hero route. In her section a dashing hero gallops in to save the day and protect the village from a fiery beast. Fawaz dreamed up a roaring competition which had an unlikely winner.

Four unique stories, four great authors, one tremendous book. Each of the children have received a copy, and we will also be stocking the book in the school library. Watch out on the blog next term as the children record their stories as audioboos and YouTube videos.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Fact Hunters: Bees, Snakes & Trees

Jude Gore 
Did you know that a single tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year. That means two mature trees can supply enough oxygen annually to support a family of four!

Kieran Dansey
She weighs more than 300lbs, is 25ft long and needs at least 15 people to hold her. Medusa is the world's largest snake living in captivity. The massive python, lives in the Edge of Hell haunted house attraction in Kansas City, eats a 40lb animal about once a week but could easily eat something weighing more than 100lbs.

Bobby Wicks
Did you know that India has 120,849 km² of disputed territories with Pakistan and China? In addition it is the third-largest country in Asia (after Russia and China).

Katrina Weaver
Did you know that bees are adapted for feeding on nectar and pollen. Nectar is used as an energy source and the pollen is primarily for protein and other nutrients. Most pollen is used as food for larvae.

Broadford Pupils Complete Charity Fundraiser!

Look carefully at the photo below and you will be able to spot two Broadford pupils. Jude Gore and Jacob Owsley (along with his brother Nathan) took part in the recent charity walk in memory of Paul Leeper.

Paul Leeper, who was district commissioner for the borough, died at St Francis Hospice, in Havering-atte-Bower, last August.

Scouts and leaders from the Romford district raised more than £5,000 for the hospice in his memory through a 19-mile hike taking in the clubs around the borough.

They started at Gooshays Drive, in Harold Hill, and were waved off by Frankie the Lion, the hospice mascot, and Andrew Rosindell, MP for Romford and vice president of Romford District Scout Association.

Paul’s wife Julie led the walkers with her two sons Robert, 13, and Matthew, 10, as hundreds wore “Walk for Paul” t-shirts.

Julie said: “Paul received excellent treatment from the staff at St Francis Hospice in the last weeks of his life and they have continued to support me and our boys since he died. We wanted to give something back.”

The route was put together by Alex Peatfield, a cub scout leader from Paul’s group, the 2nd Romford group. Well done to Jude, Jacob and Nathan for taking part in a very worthy event.

Weekly Winners: MDA, Writers & Projects

Star Writers:
Well done our star writer this week who has excelled with their creative work. Leo Mbata has earned golden pencil. Look out for his work on the blog next week!

Project Superstars:
Congratulations to these pupils who have been working hard to extend their learning at home. Laiba Shah, Finley Livingstone, Libby Northwood, Callum Watson, Nikola Urban & Lilly Reynolds. We have really enjoyed sharing your projects. Well done!

MDA Award Winners:
These pupils have been very kind and polite during their lunchtimes and helped the MDAs out enormously. Well done to: Tommy Lee Floyd (KS2) and Callum Watson (KS1 & EYFS)

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Year 6 - You've Got A Friend

Tracker awards

Bronze & Silver Tracker Awards:

Congratulations to Berivan Onur who have completed their Bronze trackers this week. Daniella Mazyar, Holly Berry have earned their Silver Pencil. Meanwhile, Daniella Mazyar, Jack Ibbunson have stuck the final merits onto their Silver trackers to earn their second certificate.

Charley McKatherine has managed to earn her pencil and pen set for reaching 24 Platinum merits

Star Readers

Reading Awards:
Amy Ellis, Villius Jasas and Joshua Turner have all gained their Bronze award.

Weronika Gariz, Haliya Gbadamosi, Daniel Kalusha, Sky Griffiths, Jessica Simpson, Iman Idris-Mtize & Jack Dempsey all managed to get to their bookmark for reading 25 books.

Laiba Shah and Brooke Atkinson have all collected their Silver award and their £5 voucher

Ethan Gibb, Teni Adu, Prince Onwuebugzie & Lucy Stevens have managed to read 75 books and earn their choice of gift

Jessica & Natalie Towner have managed to light up their Reading Torches by managing to read regularly at home. Their Night Zoo Keeper certificates were given out in assembly today.

KS1 Return A Book Raffle:
Miss Sparkes incentive to return books in KS1 has been very popular. Every time the children bring a book back they get a raffle ticket. The winners of the prize draw this term are: Ruby Burchell, Prince Onwuegbuzie, Micayla Smith. They all have a brand new reading book as their prize.

Monday 22 July 2013

Library Holiday Challenge:

Don’t forget there are three library challenges to keep you busy during the Summer holidays…

  1. Libraries across the country have now begun their Creepy House summer reading challenge. 
  2. For those of you that are not signing up, or wish to read a little extra, there are reading logs available in the library to use during the holidays. Finish your reading log during the six weeks to receive some tasty treats in September! There are extra activity sheets you can add to your reading log, the more activities you do, the more treats you'll receive. 
  3. Get Caught Reading – have a photograph taken of you reading a book in an unusual place! See the blog for the last winner Aimee Borrell.

Fact Hunters: Dogs, Stonehenge & F1

William Edwards
Did you know that dogs have stronger teeth than cats & more teeth than cats? However cats have sharper teeth.

Katrina Weaver
Ostrich eggs are the largest of all eggs, the yolk is the largest single cell that exists today on our planet, though they are actually the smallest eggs relative to the size of the bird.

Martin Wicher 
Did you know that all living organisms start as a single cell and that the vast majority of living organisms keep growing to the day they die?

Tyler Houlston
Amazingly Stonehenge was built in phases from about 3100 B.C. to 1600 B.C. That is more than 5,000 years ago—during the Stone Age, long before the wheel was invented! We know this because scientists have used carbon dating to analyze the age of animal bones buried at the site.

Louise Paius 
Incredibly there were over 2,000 names of gods in Ancient Egypt. Some images of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses show them with a human body and the head of a bird or an animal. Animals were chosen to represent the powers of the god.

Mason Camden
F1 teams can change tyres quickly… very quickly! At the start of 2012 Ferrari had it down to 2.6s in a race. McLaren broke that time with a 2.31s stop in late 2012 then Red Bull took it right down to 2.05s at the race in Malaysia this year.

E for Excellence Winners:

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week. Congratulations to this weeks E for Excellence winners… well done!

Sam Doidge – Mulberry

Mason Camden – Cedar

Caitlin Bowden – Pine

Nikola Urban – Aspen

Kieran Wright – Ash

Chloe Wager – Birch

Samson Wright – Rowan

Jacob Houlston – Fern

Jack Ilott – Maple

James Bickell – Elm

Liam Pearson – Willow

Sunday 21 July 2013

Final Week Themed Lunches

After a very successful year of themed lunches - which have helped to consistently drive up the numbers of pupils eating school dinners - Mandy has two events left.

On Monday we have the Leavers' Lunch.
On Tuesday we have a lucky dip day... normally one of the most popular events.

Make sure you are there on Monday morning to get your dinner tickets for the final two days. It sounds delicious.

Staff Leavers 2013

Staff Leavers
We would like to thank a number of staff who have worked with us this year and will be leaving at the end of the term. Mrs Higginson is moving on to Rise Park Infants school. Mrs Higginson has been at the helm of Year 6 this year, helping to guide us towards our best ever set of SAT results. She has contributed a great deal to the school over the last 12 years and we wish her all the best in her new venture, which will be quite a contrast in Year 1. Mrs Oliver is retiring. Having worked at Broadford for18 years, Mrs Oliver has now decided that the time is right to concentrate on not just the grandchildren… but the great grandchildren as well. Mrs Oliver has been invaluable as we have developed our support for Speech and Language within the school. Also leaving are Miss Duhaime and Miss Howson. Both of them came at a time where we really needed to provide stability for the children after a number of staffing changes. We wish them both well for their new posts at schools in East London. Mr Reynolds is moving onto do a PGCE course so that he can qualify as a teacher. He has provided a lot of help and support in Year 3&4 since Christmas.

David & Leah Are Spine Breakers:

After their More Able trip to work with an author, David and Leah wanted to apply to become Spine Breakers! These are children who are used to review books before they are published. Their top tips can help the publishing house ensure the book is more likely to become a success. The children wrote letters to 10 different publishing houses and have been inundated with texts to review. The latest batch was a title called Shark Island. For their efforts and enthusiasm we have rewarded them with a book each. Well done David & Leah!

Friday 19 July 2013

Attendance Update:

Key Stage 1 & EYFS: Mulberry 94.84%
Key Stage 2: Maple 98.46% 
Overall Score: 93.20%

Congratulations to Elm class who have managed to storm back to the top of the league this term and win it with over a week to spare. The incentive of SATs, Stubbers and play rehearsals has ensured Elm have had consistently outstanding attendance. Well done! It is just a shame that the overall attendance is so low. We have only three classes over 95%, which is very disappointing.

On a positive note...
For this half term we have 131 pupils with 100% attendance - up until Friday 12th July (certificates and badges)

We have 89 pupils with 100% attendance for the term - up until Friday 12th (We would normally give these badges, certificates and gifts)

We have 35 pupils with 100% attendance for the whole year.

Well done to these children who have done job number one so well... Turn up every day on time!

Next Week News

Next Week:
Monday is going to start off with the attendance awards for the children. This year we have 35 pupils who are on for the 100% attendance for the year… which is fantastic! On Tuesday – the final day of the term – we have Elm class going out for their attendance league reward at Kids Space. They will also be accompanied by the Digital Leaders who sacrificed their Bouncy Castle experience to go on a training day in Hackney. In the afternoon at 2pm, we have the Year 6 Leavers assembly.

Reception Memories 2

Reception Memories

End of Year Report Comments

Thank you to those parents who have filled in the response part of the school report. It is invaluable to get your feedback and hear your children’s ideas on how they think the year has gone. If you have yet to fill in the comment box and return it, don’t worry. We would be delighted to receive it on Monday or Tuesday.

Below are some extracts from the reports we have received...

From parents...
we are overwhelmed with the end of year report for our son. I would like to congratulate your for your effort. We are happy with his progress and attitude towards his studies. We believe he is going to work beyond the expectation next year.

This year he has made amazing progress with his reading and writing thanks to RWI. We had a chat about what he has enjoyed and Science is right up there. 

She has really enjoyed this year and particularly enjoyed the theatre trip

Very pleased with the improvement. He worked really hard on his handwriting.

She has done really well this year. Her last year at Broadford has been a happy one. Thanks for everything.

We are very proud of her achievements this year. She has enjoyed being taught at Broadford's

Thank you very much for all the effort and teaching given to my son. We very much appreciate his great achievements and development as a pupil.

I am very pleased to see that he has made progress in all his subjects and how well he did in his SATs. I would like to say a big thank you to every one who has helped him.

I am very happy with the progress he has made this year.

She has improved in many areas alot. She comes home singing, counting and doing phonics. It has made my day when the teachers speak to me about her progress. I know she has been in the best hands she could possibly be.

From pupils...
I enjoyed all the cooking that we have done. I have had lots of fun learning in my class.

Thanks for making my last year the best one.

I have loved every bit of Year 6 and will definitely take lots of memories with me. 

Attendance Update

Key Stage 1 & EYFS: Mulberry 94.84%
Key Stage 2: Maple 98.46% 
Overall Score: 93.2%

We have had another disappointing round of attendance figures. Our overall for the year has now dropped from a high of 96.48% down to 95.12% - which means that instead of outstanding we are below average. Please ensure that your children are in for every day over the next week and a half so that we don’t fall any further. Although Maple, Willow and Elm did well this week, no other class beat 95%... very disappointing!

Fact Hunters: Apples, carnivals and titanium

James Bickell 
Apples and other produce (e.g., pears, bananas, peaches, potatoes) contain an enzyme (called polyphenol oxidase or tyrosinase) that reacts with oxygen and iron-containing phenols that are also found in the apple. The oxidation reaction basically forms a sort of rust on the surface of the fruit.

Kie Allen
Traditionally, there are from 350 to 400 distinct types of French cheese grouped into eight categories 'les huit familles de fromage. There can be many varieties within each type of cheese, leading some to claim closer to 1,000 different types of French cheese.

Thelma Amankwah
  1. The carnival is a wild four-day party held 40 days before Easter.
  2. It started yesterday and ends on 'Fat Tuesday', the day before the start of Lent, Ash Wednesday.
  3. February is the hottest month of the year in Rio and the city is at its liveliest. 
Did you know that titanium is a strong, low-density, highly corrosion-resistant, lustrous white metallic element that occurs widely in igneous rocks and is used to alloy aircraft metals for low weight, strength, and high-temperature stability?

Thursday 18 July 2013

Star Writers: Kailen, Ella & Deborah

Congratulations to the latest batch of Star Writers who have earned their golden pencils. We look forward to sharing their writing with you on the blog.

How to stay safe in the sun by Libby Northwood

Liam Pearson's learning

Cruz Saves A Hedgehog

Well done to Cruz Carey. This week he found a stray hedgehog we found who was dehydrated and separated from its family. When he got it home Cruz put it into some shade and gave him a drink. Next his family contacted the Essex wildlife Centre in Orsett. They told Cruz to take it to them and they would look after it. On arrival a vet checked the hedgehog over and told him it was only 3weeks old! Luckily, thanks to Cruz's intervention, the little hedgehog will be healthy and happy in no time. The rangers thanked Cruz and asked him to tell all his classmates that we must look after and care for all animals in this heat.

An interesting - but also very sad - fact, is that by time Cruz becomes an adult, it is likely that all the hedgehogs will be extinct due to the loss of their habitat.

Well done Cruz for being kind and polite to everyone you meet - even including small mammals with spines!

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Weekly Winners: Trackers & MDA Awards

Tracker Awards:
Shyanne and Tommy have put the final stickers on their Bronze trackers. Jack Barnett has claimed his Silver Pencil! Luis Bone has managed to finish his Silver award. Joe Faust has completed his Gold Tracker. While Tumelo Sibanda and Terrika Wright have managed to earn their Golden Bookmarks. Well done to you all.

MDA Award Winners:
These pupils have been very kind and polite during their lunchtimes and helped the MDAs out enormously. Well done to: Terrika Wright (KS2) and Bryan Bahati (KS1 & EYFS)

Parents Working Group:

We had a fantastic turnout for this week’s meeting of the Parents Council.  The next meeting will be on 10th October at 9am. Thank you for the positive response. With such committed and interested parents we are really going to be able to continue to push the school forward.

Meeting 1 - July 4th 2013

M Drakes, L Nicholls, E Owsley, R Borrell, L Stevens, A Stevens, N Bloy, K Trew, C Mason, L Chatterton, K Crawley

· Purpose of Parents’ Council

MD welcomed all parents to the first parent’s council and thanked everyone for attending. MD explained the rationale for the meeting and asked parents what outcomes they were hoping for, which included;

1. Working alongside school staff to further develop the school and the progress of the children.

2. Become more involved in school life.

3. Clarification on school policies, routines and practices.

4. Further develop informal and formal communication processes.

· Feedback on areas of strength for school – parents’ voice

1. Communication – email enquiries, messages to office, face to face discussions. Mrs Mason said that they felt the staff were welcoming and it was easy to get to see them. Previously the teachers had seemed stand offish and remote, but in the last two years this has really changed for the better.

2. Information on website and use of blog. Parents said that they love the photographs and getting to see more of what their children are doing.

3. Rewards – attendance, good work, good behavior, reading etc. Mrs Stevens pointed out that her children felt as if everything they did was recognized and celebrated: sport, reading, effort

4. Read, Write, inc. program and the impact on pupils learning. Mrs Borrell commented on the difference in attainment and progress she had seen between her children as the scheme has become more embedded.

5. Trips, swimming, outdoor learning. All parents said how much these trips had added to their children’s enjoyment of school. Mrs Cawley compared the number of trips Emma had done in one year compared to those her son had experienced during a longer period at the school and how much Emma had enjoyed them.

6. Ethos / spirit of the school. Parents commented on the welcome at the gate in the morning. All said that the visibility of the staff, cheery welcome, helpful office staff and friendly teachers created a really positive ethos. The combination of all the above made it a place where their children really wanted to come to school.

· School Improvement Plan 2013-14

All parents received a draft copy of the priorities identified for the year ahead; these were discussed with particular attention to sections regarding parental involvement.

All the parents present stated that they felt all the training areas for parents were covered. They were asked for further suggestions but felt that the key areas were all taken care of.

· Training/workshop opportunities for parents

Parents suggested that they would like more clarification regarding curriculum subject content to eradicate any contradictions at home with pupils. Mr Drakes explained that the next year would see a period of transition for two reasons:

1. The gradual change of the school to two forms of entry so that particular areas of learning can be assigned to definite Year groups

2. The changes to the National Curriculum which come into place for 2014 mean that the curriculum will have to be reviewed. This would be the last year where Year 6 will be studying the Second World War

Parents had appreciated the opportunities offered by the FoB to get qualifications in Food Hygiene and First Aid. This is planned to continue next year.

· Suggestions for further improvement

1. Communication – daily communication with class teacher could be further improved, particularly if the subject is sensitive or requires careful handling. Email contact was one suggestion discussed. It was pointed out by Mrs Owsley that some working parents can find it difficult to get to the school and this would help. Additionally parents don’t get to speak to the teacher first thing in the morning and it would allow the passing on of notes/messages. Mr Drakes said that he would look into email addresses for teachers being made available.

2. Attendance – rewards based on class data. Mrs Mason pointed out that some classes find it very difficult to win the class award if there is a child who is persistently off. It was discussed that there are also many rewards for individuals regarding attendance so that children do receive recognition for their own attendance and punctuality. Nursery attendance was discussed, however, as nursery children are not statutory school age we cannot enforce an attendance target. Nursery staff will continue to reward regular attendance within the nursery setting. Since the meeting one class – where winning the class award has been a struggle – has managed to earn a cupcake party and has won the attendance league.

3. Reading in school – children read regularly within their RWI groups, this will be communicated more clearly to parents. Mrs Owsley and Mrs Bloy raised the possibility that the children could be heard to read for 5mins twice a week. It was pointed out that with 30 pupils that equates to over 330mins of reading. If both the teacher and the TA are involved that leaves 28 other children who are not being looked after. Mrs Nicholls explained that the children do read every day in their Read Write Inc group and that they are heard by their teacher as part of that. We agreed that we would look at ways of trying to record this in their reading records in a way that is manageable.

4. Trips – ensuring that they are relevant and have a focus for learning. Whilst this was not the fault of the school, parents pointed out that the Bedfords Park trip focused on bugs rather than the intended plants. This was due to a limited number of rangers being available. Because we have split year group classes the teachers have to keep finding new places to go - especially since we are now doing a trip per term. This will settle down as the school becomes a two forms of entry school.

5. Including children who are absent in sharing assembly. Mrs Mason pointed out that some children may be absent in the run up to the assembly and it means they don’t get given a line. Couldn’t teachers have a prepared card which those children could just read out.

6. Attendance of parents at sporting events and allowing the pupils to practice before taking part in any event. There have been some events where not many parents came out to watch the pupils. This specifically referred to the Drapers Academy Sports Day. Mrs Nicholls explained that we had been told no parents were allowed, which was why we did not encourage spectators. However many did turn up from other schools and were then let in. As we are appointing a specialist PE teacher and a Sports Coach from September we expect to be better able to ensure the children are well practiced before an event.

7. Consistency – newsletters, merits, house points, certificates, homework, E for Excellence trophy. All parents pointed out that there is some inconsistency with how spellings/homework are given out. Mrs Owsley has one child who has been getting it and one who doesn’t. This understandably leads to difficulties at home. Mrs Nicholls explained that we have a number of new staff starting in September. As part of their induction and the first INSET day, we will go through a weekly overview so that staff are very clear on expectations. This also forms part of the standards which inform their appraisals.

8. Information for parents on which staff are leaving. MD will have to ask staff permission first. Once it is agreed it will be published in a newsletter.

9. Payment of trips over time. Mrs Owsley suggested that parents could be asked to spread their contributions for trips over the year, rather than get big bills in one lump. A contribution of £30 per child per year would cover all of the visits out and the experiences that we bring into school. This could be spread over 10 months and would mean a one child £3 per month, two children £6 per month. Mr Drakes said that he would speak to the bursar to see how this could be set up.

· Date of next meeting:

Mr Drakes and Mrs Nicholls thanked the parents for a very positive meeting with lots of good ideas.
The next meeting was set for: Thursday 10th October @ 9am

Action Plan

Daily communication with parents regarding more sensitive issues.
Discuss ways in which parents and teachers can communicate daily. (email, home school book, reading records)
SLT and class teachers
Information regarding reading in RWI groups.
RWI information meeting, model lesson and workshops.
Weekly information regarding work each week.
Ensuring that trips have a relevant focus for learning.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the trip after; ensure that research and pre visits are carried out.
Class teachers
Consistency between classes.
Issue staff and parents with a weekly tracker so that all stake holders are aware of routines. Complete staff handbook with information regarding merits, house points etc.
SLT and class teachers.
Information regarding staff leavers.
MD will ask permission of relevant staff.

Choir - Lean On Me

Fact Hunters: Dragonflies, asteroids and panthers

Zaima Abidin 
Did you know that a dragonfly’s eyes have about 30,000 lenses and a dragonfly can see all the way around it, From the time a dragonfly egg hatches, it can live anywhere from six months to six years, but only about two months as an actual dragonfly.

Emma Groom
A Glastonbury teenager is claiming to have the longest name in the world - Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined. The 19-year-old music student said his name beat the Guinness Book of Records' longest personal name registered on a birth certificate by 24 letters

Tommy Lee Floyd
Sadly a family of four waste 6 trees worth of paper a year.

Sky Griffiths
Did you know that sleepwalking is far more common in boys than in girls?

Ben Green
Incredibly the largest asteroid was one called Ceres that was 975km across

Ebony McKay
Did you know that in 2011 4.9million people took part in the Rio Carnival festivities? The first festival can be traced back to 1723.

Jude Gore
Did you know that many people who live in India can speak both Hindi and English?

Bailey Westfall
Black leopards and panthers’s success in the wild is in part due to their opportunistic hunting behavior and adaptability to habitats. In addition they can run at speeds approaching 58 kilometres per hour (36 mph). They also have an unequaled ability to climb trees even when carrying a heavy carcass

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Super Readers

Congratulations to our latest batch of Superstar Readers. These children have been reading regularly at home to collect their Bronze and Silver awards. In addition Miss Sparkes runs the Night Zookeeper Reading Torch competition. Saffron is the latest pupil to complete the reading challenge. Well done to all of you.

Tommy & Brandon Lee have collected their Bronze award

These amazing children have read 50 books and earn a £5 voucher

Well done Saffron for lighting up your reading torch

Nathan Bowled Over

Nathan had a great treat at the weekend as he got to watch Essex against Surrey in a 20-20 game.
"It was very exciting to watch and the crowd roared every time a wicket fell!" explained Nathan.

Greg Smith's half century helped Essex beat Surrey by eight wickets to move above their opponents and up to second in the FLt20 South Group. Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting made 65 off 54 balls as Surrey reached 148-6 in their 20 overs. But Smith (62) and Owais Shah (46no) put on a second-wicket stand of 98 to leave the visitors needing just nine runs off 3.2 overs. Ravi Bopara (seven not out) hit Essex's winning run with seven balls to spare.

Year 4 Amazing Swimmers

Congratulations to the Year 4 swimnmers who have been ploughing up and down the lanes over the last term. Many of them have managed to increase their distances. The vast majority have achieved a width, many have achieved two and a great number swam a length.

Well done to all of you!

E for Excellence Winners:

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week. Congratulations to this weeks E for Excellence winners… well done!

Ryley Sullivan – Mulberry

Ronnie Knight – Cedar

Alisha March – Pine

Lillie Mersh – Aspen

Holly Maskell – Ash

Jamari Cousins – Birch

Danielle Arnold – Rowan

Ja Shayla Cousins – Fern

Callum Morton – Maple

Alex Paius – Elm

Zuzanna Forgacz – Willow