Tuesday 31 March 2015

Amazing Projects

Last week we saw some more amazing examples of the work that our pupils have been doing at home. Brooke bought in her own version of a painting done by the significant artist in Year 2's challenge. Mya has been practising her poetry and gave a great reading of both the original version and her own attempt.

Meanwhile Jude has been constructing more 3-D puzzles. Great projects everyone, keep them coming in to share with us.

Sharing Assembly - Cheerleading

Once again the Cheerleaders - led by Miss Munday - put on an incredible show: booming music, flashing lights, dynamic routines and a smoke machine! We even had the reincarnation of Michael Jackson to enjoy.

Well done to all the team who managed a whole range of moves to several different backing tracks. We can't wait to see the Grand Finale in the Summer term.

Sharing Assembly - KS2 Dance

At the end of last week we had another entertaining performance from the KS2 Dance club. With maracas shaking, they gave us a taste of carnival as well as chocolate for the Easter holidays. Although the girls have only had 4 weeks to put this routine together they performed with confidence and included some very acrobatic moves. Well done!

When the girls lift me up I really have to trust them. We have practised this a lot in rehearsals but it always makes me a bit nervous. We have to work together to lift at the right time, or I might fall! 
Sophia Ehihon

Girls' Football Team

Well done to our Girls' Football Team. They have now had two competitions this term and have done very well in both. At the King George Playing Fields the girls finished second in their group. At Hilldene the girls managed to keep several clean sheets and beat a number of teams.

Tracker Awards

Omar Ashour and Vittorio Omwanghe have now finished their Silver trackers.  Jackie Ramalingam has completed her Gold, while Teni Adu has stuck the last merit onto her Platinum award. Deborah Mushonga now moves forward to Star having finished her Diamond.

Monday 30 March 2015

Weekly Awards

Last week we had so many awards and certificates to give out that we needed more than one assembly! Congratulations to Charlie Ilott for his great fact about gorillas. Ben was recognised by his teacher for showing great reciprocity in class.

Emily and Kimberley were both chosen by their teacher as the E for Excellent winner in their class. Elizabeth earned a certificate for the Learning Challenge work she completed at home.


KS1& EYFS: Cedar 98%
KS2: Willow 99.23%
Overall: 94.7%

Willow are this week’s winners with a great score of 99.2%... very close to a cupcake party! Unfortunately we jut missed the 95% mark, but hopefully we will be back on track in April.

Tracker Awards

Archie Smith now has all the merits needed to complete his Bronze tracker. Congratulations to Brooke, who has collected her Silver award. Hakeem has earned his Golden Bookmark, while Ethan has now picked up his Platinum pencil & pen set. Sharna has completed her Platinum and Kailen has managed to finish the series with his Star certificate.

Friday 27 March 2015

Star Readers & Writers

Star Writers:
Suada Cacaj, Danayo Meggoe, Nathaniel, Brooke Atkinson, Ijeoma, Kaitlyn, Grace Leadbitter, Ethan Gibbs & Youseff : these children have all produced pieces of outstanding writing this week. Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

Star Reading Awards:
Pieyce, Jessica Diaz, Weronika,Jack Dempsey & Joshua Ore have read enough books to collect their Bronze award for reading. Olamide Otegbola has managed to get her bookmark for 25 completed books.

Paris Godfrey, Isabelle Curtis Rich & Florence Ayres have earned their £5 voucher for completing 50 books!

Bryan Bahati has managed to earn his stripes as a free reader… well done!

We're In The Paper: Thank You Awards

This week - on the Press Gang Page - our pupils have been featured for their Thank You letters. After entering the school competition, Finley, Ellie Jo Stapleton & Chloe Trew were all shortlisted for a National prize. On the day they got to meet Greg Rutherford and present their letters on stage.

Well done to all of you!

Mya's Learning Challenge

Swimming Year 4 - 13th April 2015

All year 4 children will commence swimming lessons after the Easter break the first session will start on the very first Monday we are back on the 13th April 2015.

Girls are required to have costumes, and all children need to purchase a swimming hat from the school office at a cost of £1.00

Diary Dates

Easter Holidays
The last day of school is Friday 27th March and pupils are due back to school on Monday 13th April. Breakfast Club will be open as normal.

INSET Days & Closure
Please be advised that we shall be closed for training and the General Election on the following dates next term:
Monday 4th May - Bank Holiday
Thursday 7th May - General Election
Friday 22nd May - INSET
Monday 1st June - INSET

Diary Dates
Schools resumes on Monday 13th April – Breakfast Club will be open at 8am as usual. On Tuesday 14th April we have the next Bikeability session for our budding cyclists. Wednesday morning begins with a theatre performance of the Hobbit for the pupils and on Friday 17th we have Sir Tim Brighouse visiting again and Pine have their Maths Party.

Sharing Assembly: No Sharing Assembly on Wednesday 15th due to Hobbit performance
The new timetable for Sharing Assemblies will be available after the holiday and published on the school Google calendar.

Y4 Coding

Our budding coding experts from Year 4 came to visit Mr Drakes this week and show off the games they have been designing. Using the Espresso Coding Suite, the children have built their own games. In each of the ones shown, the code had created a maze where you had to navigate obstacles and collect rewards.

It was great having a partner to work with. If I didn't know which bit of code to use, Lucy could help me to complete it. By working together we managed to create a real game!
Natalie Towner

When we saw the model game, it looked so complicated. We were shown how to break it down into little chunks and that made it easier. By the end I had got the hang of it and could code much more quickly.
Harry Vincent

Maths Challenge Winners

Congratulations to those children who have taken part in this week's Maths Challenge. More conundrums will be available after the Easter holiday!

Weekly Winners: MDA, Housepoints, Swimmers & Certificate of Presentation

Red - Faringdon 524

Blue - Chatteris 529

Yellow - Dulverton 536

Green - Cricklade 521

Orange - Dudley 483

Congratulations to Yellow (Dulverton) who have won the half term competition for the housepoints. Opening doors, being polite, wearing correct uniform and acting in a kind way: these are all reasons why the Yellow team has managed to earn so many points and claim the cake and drinks. Well done!

MDA Award Winners:
These wonderful children have been particularly helpful at lunchtimes this week. 
EYFS & KS1 Archie Dempsey
KS2 Kaine Painter

Thursday 26 March 2015

University of Broadford Graduation

Don't forget that tomorrow, Friday 27th March, is Graduation day! 

Pupils in years 2-6 will be graduating and will receive their degrees. We are sure that it is going to be a great celebration and all the children should feel incredible proud of what they have achieved. 

The timetable is below, please come along and help us celebrate! 

9.05 -10.00
Morph Animation
Fantastic Photography
The Rap Master
Portway’s Project
10.05 – 11.00
Dynamic Drama
Terrific Textiles
Maths Champions
11.05 – 12.00
Perfect Polish
Singing In Harmony
DIY Embellishments 
Knitting Nancy’s
1.15 – 2.10
Discover Italy
Dazzling Dance
Just Jewels
An Experience In Clay
2.15 – 3.10
Radical Recorders
Broadford Bake off
Broadford Boutique

Wednesday 25 March 2015

KS2 Choir

Urban Strides Dance Workshop

Following the Young Voices event in January, we invited along Urban Strides - the official dance partner of the organisation - to come in and lead dance sessions for our KS2 classes. First the children had a warm up, before getting into a street dance routine.

It was very important that we watched Andy carefully as we had to imitate his moves. If we didn't quite keep to the rhythm, Andy would help us to get back in time.
Tia - Year 3

Dancing is hard! We had so many steps to remember. At first I didn't think I would ever master it. We had to bounce three times, twist, punch in the air, move our feet. However I did't give up and Andy said I'd done very well.
Connor - Year 3

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Bikeability Level 2

Congratulations to our latest batch of Bikeability pupils who have all been awarded their Level 2.

Level 2 Bikeability takes place on local streets, giving you a real cycling experience. Our pupils were taught how to deal with traffic on short journeys (such as cycling to school or the local shops).

By completing Bikeability Level 2 and collecting their orange badge, they have shown that they are able to:

  • Start and finish a journey by road, including passing parked or slower moving vehicles and side roads
  • Make a u-turn
  • Identify and react to hazards in the road
  • Signal your intentions to other road users when someone needs to know what you’re doing
  • Understand where to ride on the road
  • Use junctions, including turning left and right into major and minor roads
  • Decide whether a cycle lane will help your journey
  • Use the Highway Code, particularly when it comes to understanding road signs
Now that they have passed this test, the children are eligible for our Cycle Club, which runs monthly. We are also able to offer trips to the Velodrome and Redbridge Cycle Centre to further develop their skills.

Star Readers & Writers

Star Writers:
Bryan Malengo, Tahani Lowe – Enu, Brandon Cohen, Callum Watson, Jessica Peppitt, Kabey Stevens, Alin Botong, Evan Andrews, Charlie Quilligan, Tommy Watson & Adam Abubakr: these children have all produced pieces of outstanding writing this week. Look out for examples of their work on the blog!

Star Reading Awards:
Jacob Owsley, Esther Falade, Fayo Ayodola, Gracee-May Coble, Evie Cottam, Olivia Crane, Nathan Ehihon, Melisa Uluer, Sydney Griffiths, Harry Hann, Ethan Himuyandi, Naleli Sibanda, Oliver Stay, Sienna Nickson & Emily Johnson have managed to get their bookmark for 25 completed books.

Charlie Ilott, Sophie Porter, Alex Kopiec, Summer Rose Trew & Arya Shah have earned their £5 voucher for completing 50 books!

Tracker Awards:

Smilte Mikalciute has earned her Bronze award. Rolan Vumuka & Sophia Ehihon have earned enough merits to collect their Bronze certificate.

Georgia Chilvers has collected her Silver pencil.

Simona moves forward to Star having finished her Diamond. Thelma is now onto the Prestige Silver.

Fact Hunters: Reptiles, spacecraft & frogs

William Ilott
Shayne, a liver chestnut Irish Draught cross thoroughbred horse, was believed to be the oldest in the world after reaching the age of 51.

Ruby Burchell
Working out exactly when reptiles appeared is impossible. However the early Carboniferous Westlothiana arrived about 350 million years ago, from Europe. It laid leathery eggs but had a distinctly amphibian anatomy

Holly Clark
Did you know that Darwin Frog females give birth to the eggs, then 45 days later the male frog puts them into his vocal passage to keep them safe? After 70 days he coughs them back up!

Lucy Stevens
Mars Orbiter Spacecraft, India's first interplanetary probe, was launched by PSLV-C25 on November 5, 2013 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota.

Monday 23 March 2015

Wiggly Wildlife

Our EYFS children enjoyed a visit from the Wiggly Wildlife team last week. As part of their topic on living and growing the children got to meet a range of animals up close. Bearded dragons, rat snakes and giant millipedes were just some of the creatures they handled.

RND 2015 - Hungry Hippos PE Lesson

During Red Nose Week, Miss Cook and Mr Portway planned some new activities for the PE lessons - this one was a big hit with the children!

Olympic Cycling Trip - Group 1

Today our pupils enjoyed the opportunity to put their Bikeability skills into practice on the Olympic quality BMX track and Mountain Bike trail at the Lee Valley Cycle Park.

After a coaching session on both of the courses, the children were quickly off around the trails. Using their 'level pedals' and 'inside up' technique, they quickly conquered the course and their fears.

I didn't think that I would be able to go down the BMX ramp to begin with. However Alli - our coach - showed us how to control the bike. In the end I gave it a go... and didn't fall off!
Terrika Wright

On the MTB trail, the course was rocky, slippery and narrow. Several times I came off my bike, but I persevered and managed to complete it. My legs were sore at the end though.
Holly Clark

Olympic Cycling - Group 2

At Broadford we believe in giving the children a wide range of opportunities to succeed. Our cycle program has been particularly popular over the last 18 months. First the children pass their Bikeability Level 1 & Level 2, which gives them experience of developing their control skills before going onto the road.

The next step is to get them into our Cycle Club, run monthly with our coach Phil. This allows them the chance to consolidate their skills on roads, trails and in public parks.

Finally we look to give them WOW experiences with trips to the Redbridge Cycle Centre and the Olympic Park.

Our pupils certainly learnt alot today...

I didn't realise how much speed you can generate just through changing your body position. If you pedal too much on the trails you can come unstuck. I controlled my pace by leaning forward to accelerate down slopes and feathering my breaks to slow down.
Nathan Owsley

At first I thought the mountain bikes would be easy - I've had one for a long time. But I've never done the trails before and the surface and constant bumps made it very challenging. I had to really concentrate on where I was going. If you took your eye off the track, you fell off your bike!
Joe Bowden

It was really important to listen carefully to Andy - our coach - and watch how he controlled his bike. At first some of us rushed in, but we quickly fell off. Once we had mastered the key skills of level pedals and finger position we really improved
Drew Burkett

We hope to take the children back there in the Summer term to further develop their skills!

Cycling Trip - Just leaving for Stratford

We've had a great day at the Velodrome. The children are just walking back to Stratford station and we aim to be back for 4pm.

No Clubs Monday & Tuesday

Due to Parents' Evening, there won't be any after school clubs on Monday or Tuesday this week.

Clubs will resume on Wednesday 25th March.

Sunday 22 March 2015

Brooke's Award

Well done to Brooke who recently took part in the Romford Stage Festival. In her event she managed to score 80 marks for dancing. Great job Brooke!

Amazing Projects

Ruby has been busy at home finding out about her significant person - Princess Diana. Ruby was able to tell us all about her charity work, the campaign against  land mines and her tragic death in Paris.

Meanwhile Jaseem has looming away again, this time creating a very realistic looking tiger.

Well done to both of our children for extending their learning at home!

Willow Street Art

Year 4 recently enjoyed a topic based on Spain. As part of their learning, the children learnt about different forms of art from the country - Salvador Dali, great architecture and the street art which is so prevalent in Barcelona.

Inspired by the artwork that they saw in the "Open Walls" project, the children had a go at recreating their own.