Monday 30 June 2014

4Rs Certificates:

Armani Peek, Laiba Shah have shown great reciprocity this week in their learning. Working well in teams and partners are essential qualities to being an effective learner. Drew Burkett & Holly Chilvers have both shown resilience and been able to keep going when tasks became challenging.

Sharing Assembly: Ash 9.05am Wednesday 2nd July

Apologies for the confusion with the time for Ash Class's assembly. It will be at the normal time of 9.05am, there was a mistake in the newsletter.

We are delighted to welcome the parents of Ash class to come and find out about the work they have been doing in class recently - 9.05am to 9.30am

Weekly Winners: Housepoints, MDA & Trackers


Red – Faringdon 47

Blue – Chatteris 60

Yellow – Dulverton 46

Green – Cricklade 61

Orange – Dudley 25

Congratulations to Green (Cricklade) who have managed to win the House Point trophy this week!

MDA Award Winners:
These wonderful children have been particularly helpful at lunchtimes this week.

EYFS & KS1 Brooklyn Meggoe

KS2 James Burnett

Tracker Awards:
Ella Floyd, Holly Turner, Suada Cacaj & Iasha Sillah have finished their Silver trackers. Attim Nombeko, Lewis Godfrey & Suzi Forcagz have completed their Golden trackers. Isaac Stevens has claimed his Platinum Pencil & Pen set. Georgia Brooks & Harry Vincent have completed their Platinum trackers.

Punch & Judy @ Broadford Beach

With the sun shining, sand glistening and Mr Punch getting up to his old tricks, it was just like a day at the seaside!

Sunday 29 June 2014

Punch & Judy Photographs

Key Stage 1 have been completing a topic about the seaside. In order to bring this to life, the children have had a number of enrichments. Last week they went to Cudmore Grove Country Park on Mersea Island to experience the beach first hand. Two weeks ago we had a traditional Punch & Judy show for them - held on our very own Broadford Beach.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the show - many had never seen Punch before. Afterwards they were inspired ti find out lots more about this colourful seaside character: that he was 'born' in 1662, he has entertained American Presidents and there are different versions of him to be found across Europe.

Here are some photos from the day - check out our YouTube channel to see the video:

Fact Hunters: Koalas, spiders & rats

Jessica Simpson
Australian scientists measured the temperatures of tree trunks and found that on days as hot as 39C, the trees were up to seven degrees cooler than the air. Koalas use the trees as a heat sink to cool down – that’s why they hug them.

Caitlin Bowden
A dog's skin is quite different to ours. Most of the dog's sweat glands are located around its foot pads. When a dog is overheated, you will sometimes see a trail of wet footprints. The principal mechanism a dog uses to cool himself involves panting with his mouth open.

Tolu Erinle & Emma Groom
In 2013, a new species of tarantula, as big as a human face, was discovered in northern Sri Lanka! Imagine finding that in your bed.

Jessica Peppitt
After the horse meat scandal in this country, you might think it minor compared to the one in China. There, restaurant owners have been caught passing rat meat off as lamb… disgusting!

E for Excellence Winners:

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.
Courtney Simpson – Mulberry

Caitlin Bowden – Cedar

Caydon Buckland – Pine

Charlie Simpson – Aspen

Evan Andrews – Ash

Matthew Leadbitter – Birch

Harmonie Hall – Rowan

Gracee May Coble – Fern

Louis Hatwell – Maple

Summer Trinder – Elm

Sandra Diaz – Willow

Teni Adu – Cherry


KS1& EYFS: Aspen 98.62%
KS2: Birch 98.13% 
Overall: 96.67%

This week we have a fantastic attendance score of 96+%. Well done to all of you for making sure you turn up every day on time! We are now just 3 weeks away from the bouncy castle day! No doubt we will have lots of children eligible for the extra session.

Friday 27 June 2014

Reading, Writing & Maths Awards

Reading Awards:
Finley Livingstone has now reached 100 books and his Gold Trophy. Terrika Wright has now moved on to collect her Platinum Reader prize! Well done for reading over 15,000 pages so far this year!

Rainbow & Star Writers:
Emma Bloy has produced a great piece of writing this week and has been featured on the Star Writers display.

Maths Challenge:
Congratulations to these children who have taken part in the weekly maths challenge: Harry Vincent, Elisa Rina, Sophie Hann & Yashvi Shah. They had to list as many objects as possible that have square faces. Well done. The new challenge is to work out different amounts of change from £5.

Sponsored Walk:

Thank you for the donations which have started to come in following the Sponsored Walk this week. If you have yet to collect all of the monies, then please just send it in next week. Every penny raised will be put towards further development of the outdoor areas for your children. We have seen the fantastic impact of the giant sandpit and adventure trail. We are keen to now keep developing this to provide your children with the best quality environment possible.

Year 2 ETA: 3.50pm

We expect the Year 2 children to return from their trip to Cudmore Grove at 3.50pm

Next Week:

On Tuesday we have a Dementia nurse coming to speak to Year 5&6 pupils about a career in caring. On Wednesday our Year 6 pupils are off to Stubbers for their residential trip. We also have Jo – from the Hilldene library – coming in to launch the reading challenge. On Thursday 3rd our School Council are having their summer picnic. Thursday evening is booked for the Year 5 Transition Meeting to give parents information about filling in the forms for their children’s move to Secondary school.

On Thursday 3rd we also have the Year 3&4 trip to Wembley stadium. At the end of the week, Year 5 are off to Stubbers for the day, we have a visit from Dersingham Primary and our pupils are off to a Digital Leaders’ course in London – that will be a busy Friday.

Don’t forget to check the online calendar to be updated on the latest events.

Sharing Assembly: Ash 10.30am Wednesday 2nd July
We are delighted to welcome the parents of Ash class to come and find out about the work they have been doing in class recently.

End of Half Term Date: Wednesday 23rd July
A reminder that all children are expected to attend for every day of the school term. In the last week of term we will be holding the Reception/KS1 & KS2 sports days, the Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly.

Spelling Bee Result:

We are delighted to announce that our KS2 Spelling team finished in joint first place in the Harold Hill Spelling Bee. Kingsley, Dylan, Yinka and Tolu managed to battle their way through the main competition and then some knockout rounds. In the end we couldn’t be separated from St Ursula’s Junior as none of the children made any mistakes. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and a great community event. Thank you to Drapers Academy for the hosting and organization.

Thursday 26 June 2014

Spelling Bee: Drapers Spelling Bee Event Today!

Good luck to the KS1 & KS2 teams competing today at Drapers Academy.

In order to be selected, our Super Spellers competed in our school Spelling Bee and showed that they had made a great effort to learn all of their words. Tyler Houlston, Kinglsey Onwuebuzie, Prince Onwuebuzie, Yinka Busari, Jordan Crane, James Burnett, Dylan Houlston, Spencer Griffiths, Daria Bekisz, Alex Wicher, Tolu Erinle, Daniel Oluoku, Melisa Krasniqi, Samson Wright, Isaac Stevens, Louise Paius, Fletcher Marney and Dawid Bekisz!

Good luck... you'll do us proud!

Art Club - Picasso Pictures

During the Art Club sessions the children have been learning about Pablo Picasso. Inspired by his portraits, they made some of their own.

First they had a go at using oil pastels. Next the children sliced up pictures of themselves and rearranged them to make a cubist style image. This eye-catching art work is now on show in the main corridor.

Amazing Picasso Facts:
Picasso was accepted to the School of Fine Arts at age thirteen after taking completing his entrance exam in a week. The normal timing for this testing period was one month!

At age sixteen, Picasso attended Madrid’s Royal Academy of San Fernando

Picasso made his first trip to Paris in 1900 which was considered the art capital of Europe.

Picasso learned to speak French.

I am always doing that which I cannot do,
in order that I may learn how to do it.~Pablo Picasso

Willow Class's Amazing Pop Art

During Willow's Sharing Assembly, the children displayed their eye catching Pop Art designs. 

Pop Art began in the 1950s, but became very popular in the 1960s. It started in the United Kingdom, but became a true art movement in New York City with artists like Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns.

What are the characteristics of Pop Art?

'Pop Art uses images and icons that are already popular' Joseph Bowden

We saw that this can include famous celebrities like movie stars and rock stars as well as commercial items like soup cans and soft drinks, comic books.'

Have another look at how our Broadford artists have used famous images to create art by repeating items or changing the color or texture of the item, and putting different items together to make a picture.