Monday 24 July 2023

End of Year Awards: Excellent Effort

These wonderful pupils have demonstrated Excellent Effort all year long and have been an excellent role model to their peers.

The results you achieve will be in the direct proportion to the effort you apply. 
Denis Waitley

Amerah, Teodor, Adelina

Year 1
Joshua, Mavis, Harvey

Year 2
Osman, Isatou, Olivia

Year 3
Paige, Jack, Elliot

Year 4
Ruby, Ipsa, Eddie

Year 5
Cherry, Elie, Netany 

Year 6 
Fiki, Madalina, Kezia

End of Year Awards: Sporting Excellence

These pupils have been represented with the sporting excellence award in recognition of their aptitude, enthusiasm and attitude towards all sporting activities.

The only one who can tell you 'you can't win' is yourself and you don't have to listen. 
Jessica Ennis-Hill

Leonard, Damian, Harrie

Year 1
Yehor, Harry, Jacob

Year 2
 James, Max, Fire

Year 3
James, Chuka, Siana

Year 4
Sophia, Callum, Louie-Ray

Year 5
Riley, Lottie, Etana

Year 6
Adrian L, Layla, Chidubem

End of Year Awards - Outstanding Contribution

These superb pupils have been awarded the Outstanding Contribution award for always giving 110% to school life everyday of the year.

Success is not a function of the size of your title but the richness of your contribution. 
Robin S Sharma

Rylie, Ayva, Elyssa 

Year 1
Ambica, Sophia, Iustin 

Year 2
Kayden, Abrish, Yeva

Year 3
Ayaan, Rosie, Rojure

Year 4
Ryan, Eleni, Mahdi

Year 5
Maya-Rose, Luke, Nevaeh

Year 6
Teddie, Olivia, Medeea

End of Year Awards: Academic Excellence

These pupils have been awarded the academic excellence award for reaching all of their goals and surpassing expectations.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. 
John Ruskin

Lujah, Ashvik, Inaya

Year 1
Chirag, Onyeka, Lirsa

Year 2
Ksenja, Henry, Nikita

Year 3
Veer, Kiara, Merlyn 

Year 4
Megan, Asher, Najhat

Year 5
Adu, Anna, Lexi-Mae

Year 6
Carla, Dhriti, Isla

Super Spelling Awards 2023

These amazing children have been working so hard this year learning their spellings. They have been awarded with the prestigious super speller certificates and prizes.

Spelling mistakes within writing is like a bug on a white shirt. 
Faina Ranevskaya

The following pupils earned full marks in their spelling test every week for one term and received a £5 voucher for their efforts:

Millen, Onyeka, Jessica, Munsha, Rohith, Alfie, Anaelle, Moyo, Bella, Rio, Nyasa, Fire, Lucas, Olivia, Oscar, Denis, Sofia, Tesha, Adam H, James, Adam M, Carter, Torsten, Tyler, Osman, Aariz, Bruno, Maya-Aisha, Parisa, Stefania, Gebriel, Chidera, George, Merlyn, Eden, Simon, Eric, Larissa, Manreet, Oscar, Zoe and Teddie.  

The following pupils earned full marks in their spelling test every week for two terms and received a £10 voucher for their efforts:

Ameera, Sophia, Iustin, Jaabir, Chirag, Ivan, George, Lucia, Georgia, Elkah, Pragya, Ali, Alex, Karimah, Lily-Anne, Ryan, Hashir, Kenzie, Ipsa, Netany, Noah, Nicole and Jessica. 

The following pupils earned full marks in their spelling test every week for three terms and received a £20 voucher for their efforts:

AJ, Wais, Alice, Eric, Emma, William, Anna, Nikita, Ayaan, Elena, Elsie, Veer, Victoria, Joshua, Liroshan, eason, Eddie, Pranav, Megan, Olivia. Shivanshi, Sophia, Zuriel, Finley and Laura. 

Year 6 Awards 2023

Please join me in congratulating the following pupils for their year 6 attainment awards in Mathematics, English and for making great progress during their final year at Broadford.

Accept and acknowledge your own brilliance. Stop waiting for others to tell you how great you are. Believe it for yourself and about yourself. 
Iyania Vanzant

Well done to the following pupils ...

Maths Award - Louie & Sophia

English Award - Iyinope & Laura 

Progress Award - Kayden & Ruby W

End of Year Awards: Classmate of the Year

These pupils have been voted by their peers as the classmate of the year. They have demonstrated kindness, reciprocity and have been a brilliant role model for the pupils population. 

If you want to make a difference in someone's life, you don't need to be gorgeous, rich, famous, brilliant or perfect, you just have to care. 
Karen Salmansohn

Albie, Freya, Vanessa

Year 1
Mateo, Olaf, Alexandra

Year 2
Carter, Callissya, Sofia

Year 3 
Mason, Liroshan, Eason 

Year 4
Manuella, Larissa, Shaylee

Year 5
Aliza, Harry, Chloe

Year 6 
Harry, Ali, Livi 

End of Year 4R Awards: Reciprocity

Over the year these children have shown interdependence, collaborated effectively, listened to others, displayed empathy and have imitated effective ideas and methods from others.

Congratulations on your Reciprocity award.

The best way to honour relationships is to practice the law of reciprocity.
Jack Hanson

Jaxon, Jayden, Domanic

Year 1
Harry, Ayra, Tiger-Lily 

Year 2
Emalee, Amira, Anna

Year 3
Elsie, Rithik, Peace

Year 4
Shivanshi, Princess, Meerab 

Year 5
Maisie, Isaac, Olivia

Year 6
Jessica, Charlie, Aarna

End of Year 4R Awards: Resourcefulness

Over the year these pupils have been curious about learning, made links between ideas, shown imagination, reasoned methodically and capitalised on resources.

Congratulations on your Resourcefulness award.

It's not about your resources, its about your resourcefulness. 
Tony Robbins 

Levi, Anu, Adon

Year 1
Lucas, Gabrielle, Jimmy 

Year 2
George, Ava. Rio 

Year 3 
Stanley, Evie, Popy-Rae

Year 4
Zuriel, Kenzie, Faramade 

Year 5
Danny, Oscar, Hamza

Year 6 
Ella, Robyn, Maia

End of Year 4R Awards: Reflectiveness

Over the course of the year these pupils have planned carefully, revised ideas, identified key features and can talk about their learning.

Congratulations on your Reflectiveness awards.

The more reflective you are, the more effective you are.
Pete hall & Alisa Simoral

Rosie, Sophie, Zhyan

Year 1
Layla-Mae, Wais, Araoluwa

Year 2
Ryan, Miqdaad, Robyn

Year 3
Laynie, Ava. Charlie

Year 4
Emma, Aisha, Niamh 

Year 5
Angie, Faizah D, Blake 

Year 6 
Laura, Gurrehmat, Amelia 

Friday 21 July 2023

Weekly Newsletter - Friday 21st July, 2023

Headteacher: Mrs L Nicholls 
Dear Parents and Carers,

Part 1 Broadford News
End of the academic year

The end of the academic term is always bitter sweet. We have reached the end of another fabulous academic year. Our pupil assessments for reception, year 2, year 1 phonics screening and year 4 multiplication times table check remain consistently strong. This year's outcomes for our year 6 pupils are the highest results over the last few years by an amazing 24%.
There have been trips, residentials, performances, after school clubs,  overall year group winners at locality sports days, year 3 pupils gaining Junior Duke of Edinburgh awards, pupils taking LAMDA exams, music lessons and pupils graduating from the University of Broadford. Our children have grown both academically and personally, and we're incredibly proud of their achievements. They have shown determination, resilience, and creativity. We have seen them become skilled problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and compassionate individuals. It has been an honour to watch them develop into the wonderful young people they are today. This would not happen without the hard work of our staff and I am sure you will join me in thanking them for everything they do every day to ensure our pupils have the best school experience that we can give them. 

For the first time in many years our community has come together to raise over £5129.96 which will go a long way to making improvements to our school and providing even more amazing opportunities for our pupils. In these challenging financial times we very much appreciate all of your support and next year we have more plans in the pipelines with discounted books sales and more film nights, fun and fayres. 

On the other hand, today we say goodbye to 90 pupils and their families. Some of our pupils have been with us since they were 3 years old and the connections we have with some of our families go beyond 10 years. We are very sad to say goodbye but we send them all off with love and best wishes. We hope that they keep their memories of Broadford close in their hearts and remember us fondly, as we will them. 

We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for your continued support. We would also like to thank you for your unwavering commitment to Broadford throughout the year. You have attended parent-teacher meetings, stay & learn sessions, and school events. Your contributions have made a significant impact on our school community, quite simply thank you.

Finally, we would like to wish our year 6 and any pupils moving on all the best for their future endeavours. To all returning families, we look forward to welcoming you back next school year. Thank you for another successful year, and enjoy the summer break!

This week we are saying goodbye to Miss Thomas and Miss Florence who are both moving onto new challenges. On behalf of us all I would like to thank them for their dedication and commitment to our pupils and school.
Mrs Green and Miss Jarvis are both going on maternity leave and we look forward to hearing their good news when we return in September.  
Best wishes to all of the above staff. 

Part 2 Broadford Information

Return to School: Wednesday 6th September

We are looking forward to welcoming back pupils in years 1 - 6 on Wednesday 6th September  after the summer break.  Breakfast club doors will open at 7.45am and the gates will open for all other children at 8.30 am. 
You will be able to start booking breakfast club sessions from Monday 4th September. 

School Day Times from September 2023

We have previously informed you  that by September 2023, all mainstream schools will be expected to provide a compulsory week of at least 32.5 hours by the government. This means at Broadford that we need to extend our school day by 15 mins. Currently our doors open at 8.30am and pupils must be in school by 8.55am. We carried a consultation in the spring term and have taken into account the views and opinions of the majority of stakeholders. Therefore, from September 2023 the doors will open for pupils at 8.30 am as usual and children MUST be registered in their classrooms by 8.45 am. At the end of the day children will be dismissed at 3.15 pm. 

INSET Dates for 2023-24

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Polling Day 

Day 5

4th September

5th September

30th October

15th April 

2nd May 

24th July 

Havering school term dates 2023-2024

Part 3 Pupil and Parent Responsibilities
At Broadford Primary pupils, parents and carers are expected to meet three key responsibilities

Pupil Job 1 - Come to school every day on time
Parent responsibility - Ensure that your child arrives for school on time, every day and ready to learn.

Termly Attendance League Winners 

I am thrilled to announce the winners of the termly attendance league. At the top of the league table for EYFS & KS1 it was Apricot class and for KS2 Redwood class.
Both classes have enjoyed their rewards this week. 

Job 2 - Do your best in every lesson
Parent responsibility - Support your child’s learning at home.

Summer Reading Challenge & Activities

Travelling abroad, enjoying a staycation, visiting a landmark, picnicking in the park or staying home, whatever it may be, we would love to see you reading in unusual and interesting places! Send your photographs via the school’s Facebook or Instagram accounts. These photos will then be added to our ‘Get caught Reading Map’ and shared on the Broadford’s Library Instagram page - don’t forget to give us a follow! A winner and runner up will be chosen when we return to school in September. All pupils will receive a certificate. Winners will be rewarded with national Book Tokens.
Closing date for entries: 8/9/23

Ready, Set, Read, Summer Reading Challenge 2023

The Reading Agency and libraries are excited to introduce Ready, Set, Read, Summer Reading Challenge 2023. 

During the summer holidays children aged 4-11 can sign up at their local Havering library and online, then read any six library books of their choice to collect special stickers and rewards along the way – all for FREE.
This year the whole challenge can be completed online. 

Job 3 - Be kind and polite to everyone you meet

Parent responsibility - Model politeness and kindness to everyone you meet.


Yellow house (Dulverton) earned the most house points for the summer term and will enjoy extra activity trail time and will be able to cool down afterwards with an ice cold lolly.  

Thank you for your gifts and kind messages that you have sent to school for all staff. All that leaves me to do is to wish you a relaxing and enjoyable summer break. For those of you moving on to secondary school we will miss you but we know you are well prepared for the challenges you will face and you go with our very best wishes for the future. If you are travelling over the break, then I wish you a safe journey and we look forward to seeing you rested and refreshed for the start of the new school year on September 5th. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a lovely summer break.

Yours sincerely,


Mrs L Nicholls 


BGT 2023 KS1


The day has finally arrived! It’s Friday, it is the last day of the half term and it is the final of Broadford’s Got Talent!

We travelled the length and breadth of the school and watched some wonderful auditions. The competition was fierce but we selected twelve acts to battle for the title of Broadford’s Got Talent Champion!

The finalists were as follows:

Rylie and Albie

Natalia, Maya, Alexandra, Sophia and Samairah

Inaya and Elyssa

Roza and Moyo


Sophia and AJ

Tesha, Nina, Nyasa and Amaira

Athena, Maya-Aisha, Isatou and Elliott-Ellis


Despite the strong competition, there was a stand out winning act ...  Tesha, Nina, Nyasa and Amaira

"We are so happy to have won !" Tesha, Nina, Nyasa and Amaira.

Well done to all the children who took part, you all showed wonderful reciprocity and resilience throughout. 

You were all amazing !!