Wednesday 29 February 2012

I Bet You Never Knew That!

Are you someone who enjoys discovering facts and trivia? Have you ever been puzzled by how Leap Years came to be? Would you like to be able to amaze your friends with your amazing intellect?

Have a look at the BBC article below and you will soon know all there is to know about Leap Years.

BBC Leap Year Article

It is incredible to think that we won't be seeing another February 29th until 2016.

Sienna - Broadford's Budding Van Gogh!

Have you ever seen the Sunflowers by Van Gogh? Would you like to be able to paint like the Dutch master? Well at Broadford it turns out we have our very own master painter... Sienna Nickson. Just have a look at the stunning picture she created today!

Well done Sienna. A beautiful painting which deserves to be in an Art Gallery.

Sienna's Masterpiece!

Look at the original below... if anything it looks a little tired by comparison.

Underwater Kingdom in the Early Years

Although the old school building is not in the best of shape, the Nursery and Reception pupils (and staff) have been working hard to make it a friendly, welcoming environment. Bright colourful displays are being used to bring the corridors to life, particularly in the old toilet block.

Glitter, shiny plastic and colourful card: these simple resources have been used to create an underwater kingdom for the pupils. Isn't the mermaid beautiful? The pupils are very proud of the way they have transformed a dull room. Who would have thought that going to the toilet could be such an adventure?

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Learning To Talk Posh!

Look at this story about how one school has managed to improve spelling by using elocution lessons. If you are able to speak clearly, it is much easier to know which sounds should be written down in your work.

Would this be a good idea to try with our pupils at Broadford?

Click here for the link to the CBBC Newsround Story

House Points & Attendance Weekly Winners

Class Attendance Winner EYFS & KS1:  Fern
Class Attendance Winner  KS2: Elm
With a score of 94.8% Fern managed to finish on the top of the pile this week. Elm was the highest scoring class in KS2 with a total of 93.6%. Congratulations to them.

House PointsWeekly Winner: Blue
This week saw Blue lift the trophy (with 63 points). Red were fractionally behind, scoring 56 points.  Congratulations Chatteris House (Blue).

Bronze Tracker Success!

We are now getting very close to all of our pupils completing their Bronze Trackers. Well done to the following pupils... it won't be long until you are collecting your Silver pencils!

Kirsty W, Ellie C, Nathan O, Tyler F, Casey T, Colby H, Lacey G, Chloe P, Stephanie F, George M, Kira W, Ella Wheal, Lucy Stevens, Ali Kinata, Keeley Brown and Dawid Bekisz... well done to all of you!

Monday 27 February 2012

Sharing Assembly Invite - Maple

Sharing Assembly:
We look forward to welcoming the parents and carers of Maple on February 29th at 9.05am in the new hall. This is another opportunity for parents, relatives and carers to come in and celebrate the work of the children.

Open days, parents' evenings, cookery workshops and sharing assemblies: with all these opportunities to come and see the children and their work, it's probably easier just to move in!

Chess In The Playground

The children have been really enjoying their Giant Chess set. With the money raised from the Dress As You Like day the pupils were able to buy a number of items of play equipment: Jenga, Cornboards, pick up sticks, dominoes and chess.

Not only will we be the best school on the hill, we'll have the best playground as well!

Parents' Evening, Book Sale & Clubs

Book Sale:
Miss Amelia will be holding a book sale in the hall this afternoon/evening and tomorrow, while the Parents' Evening is taking place. It would be a great opportunity to pick up a bedtime story for the children.

Parents Evening Reminder & Clubs:
Parents’ Evening will be on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th of February. All parents will have been given appointments and the meetings will all be in the new hall.
Please note the following clubs are cancelled due to Parents’ Evening:
Monday – Tag Rugby & Karate
Tuesday – Aerobics & Football (Y 3&4)

Literacy Week - Tiny Stories

Can you come up with an idea for a tiny story? Could you write an adventure in just three sentences?

Have a look at the example below and see what you think.

Sunday 26 February 2012

Nursery & Reception Celebrate Learning At Home

Parents of our Nursery and Reception pupils have been asked to tell us about the amazing activities that the children get up to when theory are at home. This means we can then celebrate them when they are back in school. This learning and achievement can also help us to form more accurate assessments of the children.

Building links with parents is a real priority for us and we have been really pleased with the response so far. Have a look at what the children have been up to... they've done it all. Making cakes, being helpful, spotting triangles and reading books: they really have been busy.

Keep the comments coming in and we can keep issuing our WOW certificates!

Trip Down Memory Lane: The Firebird

As we embark on Literacy Week, we thought it would be worth reminding ourselves of some of the art work that the last visit by the Multi Story Theatre produced.

Who knows where or what learning the story of Poor Jack will lead to...