Friday 30 November 2012

Football Results: Broadford 2 - 0 Pinewood

This week saw our final fixture of the Autumn term. On a boggy, slippery pitch the boys team played Pinewood. Despite the difficult conditions the boys managed to pass the ball around very well. Toheeb confidently intercepted everything that came his way. With Jordan and Emanual pressing in midfield, it didn’t take long for the first chance to be created. Fletcher turned provider this time and rolled the ball across, for Ife to hit it first time. Curling over the keeper, the ball hit the roof of the net… 1-0!

In the second half, Pinewood pressed forward and nearly scored on three occasions. Both Tommy and Donavan pulled off some brilliant saves to deny their forwards. Eventually we got another opportunity and Fletcher – as cool as a cucumber – rolled the ball past their keeper. The final score was 2-0. What a great way to bounce back from the Clockhouse result and put us back at the top of the table before Christmas.

Man of the Match was Bailey Finlayson for his persistent tackling and improved positioning.

Friends Of Broadford - Fundraising Success

Here are some very belated photographs of the Halloween disco. We have been extremely pleased with the response to the newly formed Friends of Broadford group, who had a very successful first event. Without a doubt the children throughly enjoyed the disco. It also enabled over £400 to be raised which will directly impact on the facilities we can offer the pupils.

We are now looking forward to the Christmas Bazaar - which is from 3.15pm on the 7th December. Hopefully we will see you there.

PE Kits

Overall there has been an improvement with the PE kit. Thank you for organizing the plain white t-shirts and blue shorts. We are committed to ensuring the children get quality PE sessions. In KS2 we have bought in a fitness trainer for every week to give the children a real workout. We need to ensure that the children always have their kit available in school. We do have some capacity to kit your child out in an emergency, but our stocks of clothing are finite. Please make sure they continue to have their kit every day.

Ella's Project Work

Ella has been working very hard on her crocodile project. As part of her research, she has been coming up with great questions:
  1. What do crocodiles eat? Large mammals that cross through their rivers and watering holes. Although crocodiles sometimes leave the water to hunt as well... so be careful!
  2. How do they kill their prey? By rolling them around until they drown, or biting them with their powerful jaws.
  3. When did crocodiles first appear on earth? Scientists believe that they appeared around 230 million years ago
This week she has made a stunning picture using glittery stickers, colouring pencils and glue. Keep up the good work Ella. We have learnt alot from the interesting facts that you have managed to discover.

Harry Gets Gold

Congratulations to Harry who managed to achieve a gold medal in a recent weekend activity. Glowing with pride he bounced up to tell us all about it. A very shiny medal indeed Harry... well done!

Scooter & Bike Training for Year 1, 2 3 & 4

A reminder that we have training on the 30th November. Year Groups 1/ 2 in the morning with Year Groups 3/4 taking part in the afternoon. Please have their scooters and bikes ready. We have enough spaces for EVERY CHILD to take part in those Year groups. They just need to have a scooter or a bike... or both!

Thursday 29 November 2012

Dumb Ways To Die - Be Safe Around Trains

Broadford pupils have benefitted from a number of informative safety sessions.

  • Year 6 had a visit from Transport for London to inform them about how to stay safe on the public transport network
  • Year 5&6 have received Bikeability Training so that they are safer on the roads
  • Year 5 and Year 2 have had a visit from the local fire station informing them of how to avoid fires at home
  • PCSO Hopkins came in to talk about the dangers of fireworks
  • PCSO Hopkins spoke to the children about personal safety and security of the home - lock your doors and keep a light on
  • The Chicken Run theatre company are coming in next term for a road safety visit
However the message doesn't always get heard. We need to deliver the message in a serious, but non threatening way and using a medium that the children will remember.

Check out this very catchy and incredibly informative safety video from an Australian Railway company. Young people and children quite often don't heed safety warnings and make some very dumb choices that have fatal consequences... as do adults!

Watch the video, enjoy the humour, but understand the message. Who would want to be guilty of dying for a dumb reason?

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Tudor Lunch - 29th November

Would you like to eat like a King? Have you ever wondered what the Tudors had for lunch? Are you finding that history leaves you with a rumbling belly?

If the answers to these questions is yes, then Mandy has cooked up a perfect Tudor menu for you to enjoy. Tuck into Henry VIII's roast chicken drumsticks before demolishing a piece of Shakespeare's Sugar Dusted Cherry Cake.

Wash it all down with a flagon of water or apple juice... delicious!

Dancing Superstars - Ellie, Teni & Aliysha

Congratulations to our two dancing superstars. Ellie Jo, Teni and Aliysha all earnt their shiny gold medals for taking part in a dance performance. Spinning, jiving and leaping their way through the performance, the girls performed brilliantly.

Well done girls!

Project Superstars - Ruby, Harry & Thelma

Congratulations to this bunch of project superstars. Ruby and Harry were both inspired to find out more about the African animals they had been learning about in class. Ruby had been very resourceful and turned pipe cleaners and cardboard rolls into trees on the serengeti. Meanwhile Harry had been asking lots of questions about cheetahs.
  1. How fast can they run? up to 70-75 mph
  2. Why does it have black marks round its eyes? To keep the sun out 
  3. How many babies do they have? Cheetahs normally have litters of between 2-3 cubs

Thelma has made a 3-D picture of a horse which went alongside the animal project she had been doing. Well done Thelma!

Attendance update:

We recently had a visit from our school Educational Welfare Officer and she was delighted with the attendance of the pupils at Broadford. Our target is 95%, and in a term where coughs and chest infections can run riot, our score is 96.07%... brilliant! This is a result of our parents who ensure that the children are ready and organized in the morning and our staff who work hard to make school a welcoming, fun and stimulating place to be.

However… the number of minutes we are losing through lateness is something we could improve. The evidence we collect daily on every child who is late shows that a lot of curriculum time is being lost. Please have a look at the numbers below. Have you ever said “Don’t worry we’re only 5mins late”…
If you are late by 5 mins every day it soon adds up. Over a year, that five minutes adds up to 3 weeks of maths lessons your child would have missed out on:

Per day 5 mins

Per week  25 mins

Per month 100 mins

Per school year 950 mins... which is the same as 3 weeks of maths lessons!

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Friends Of Broadford – Christmas Bazaar 7th December

Don’t forget our Christmas Bazaar is coming up shortly– to be held on the 7th December. If you would like more information about booking a stall, please contact: If you know of local businesses who may be able to donate prizes for the tombola or stalls, please contact Mark Borrell on the above email.

Weekly Winners

Red – Faringdon 52

Blue – Chatteris 51

Yellow – Dulverton 56

Green – Cricklade 53

Orange – Dudley 24
Congratulations to Dulverton (Yellow) who have managed to win the House Point trophy this week!

E for Excellence Winners:
These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week. Congratulations to this weeks E for Excellence winners… well done!
Omar Ashour – Mulberry

Rose Anna Weaver – Cedar

Harry Lavallin – Pine

Simona Raklevicius – Ash

Sam Wain – Birch

Matthew Leadbitter – Rowan

Louise Paius – Maple

Muskan Hassan – Elm

Samantha Simpson – Willow

Isabelle Munford – Aspen

Sky Griffiths – Fern

MDA Award:
The following children have been recognized for their behaviour, politeness and willingness to help at lunchtimes:

Key Stage 1 Lilly Reynolds

Key Stage 2 Taylor Barnfield

RWI Award:
Congratulations to Charlie Adams who has worked really well in the reading group this week.

Football Results: Broadford 1 - 4 Clockhouse

Our boys team played against Clockhouse Primary this week in a ‘top of the table’ clash. Both sides were evenly matched for most of the first half. Although Clockhouse dominated possession, we had the better chances to score. With about ten minutes to go before half time, Clockhouse got the ball in the back of the net following a corner. Toheeb and Bailey defended well, but the ball fizzed off their striker’s head and into the top corner. The lead was short lived though. Fletcher and Tyler combined well with Jordan to set up a chance… GOAL! Unfortunately this seemed to stir up the Clockhouse team who went on to score again before the half time whistle. A breakaway caught us unawares and we were sorely punished. At the end of the game the final score was 1-4 to the visitors. We remain second in the table, and have a very good chance of qualifying for the next round.


Key Stage 1: Mulberry 96.4%
Key Stage 2: Birch 99.3%
Overall Score: 96.07%

For the second week in a row, Key Stage 2 have dominated the league table. Birch have followed up last week’s amazing performance with a 99.3% score! Well done Birch. Key Stage 2 have taken the first 4 places in the league. Mulberry were the best class in KS1. Although they finished fifth, they still managed a very good score of 96.4%.

Monday 26 November 2012

Bronze & Silver Tracker Awards:

Congratulations to Mia Rose Stevens, Leah Webb, Dylan Houlston and Bobbi Jade Hek who have completed their Bronze trackers this week. David Sangojinmi has managed to collect his Silver pencil… well done for your consistent hard work!

Parent Governor Meeting & Prospective Parents: Monday morning 9.10am

We look forward to welcoming parents, relatives and prospective families to our information meeting on Monday 26th November at 9.10am. Refreshments will be available for you. We are looking forward to updating you on the Nursery & Recpetion build project, staffing changes and plans for the next few months. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions of us and feedback on how your child has been getting on.

Saturday 24 November 2012

New artwork installed: Effective learning at Broadford

We have been focusing this year on Building Learning Power. This is a shared language that all the teachers and pupils use to describe the skills an effective learner needs.

Reciprocity - the ability to work well with others, showing understanding for the views and feelings of others and being able to imitate effectively.

Resilience - to persevere when stuck, to manage distractions effectively, to notice links between ideas and to be able to become absorbed in a task

Reflectiveness - to plan your next steps forward, to revise what you have learnt and to distill the most important points

Resourcefulness - to be able to ask effective questions, to use your imagination and to show reasoning when solving a problem

It is about celebrating 'stuckness' where children and teachers enjoy the challenge of learning new skills. Learning shouldn't be too easy... if it is, you'll be bored!

We’re In The Paper!

Once again we have pride of place on the Press Gang page of the Romford Recorder – page 36. When Barney the Hearing Dog visited, the children were amazed at the skills he had learnt. A great story to share with the rest of Havering.

Friday 23 November 2012

Scooter & Bike Training for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 & 4

A reminder that we have training on the 30th November. Year Groups 1/ 2 in the morning with Year Groups 3/4 taking part in the afternoon. Please have their scooters and bikes ready. We have enough spaces for EVERY CHILD to take part in those Year groups. They just need to have a scooter or a bike... or both!

Sharing Assembly: Pine 28th November @ 9.05am

We look forward to welcoming the parents and carers of Pine class on November 28th at 9.05am in the new hall.

Thursday 22 November 2012

Parents Meeting Reminder: 26th November

We will be holding a meeting for all parents, relatives and friends of the school on Monday November 26th at 9am. This will be a chance to talk to you about how we have been moving forward as a school; what plans we have for the term ahead and to listen to your views. Refreshments will of course be served! It is also an opportunity for prospective Reception parents for 2013-14 to come and meet us before making their decision on where to send their children for next year.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Project Superstars - Kailen & Elisa

Kailen has produced a very detailed project all about Malta. He even constructed a map from cardboard and labelled it up with all the key points of interest. Did you know that Malta is made up of three small islands?  Neither did we, until we read Kailen's project.

Elisa has been learning all about dogs. This week she has made a 3-D picture of one of her favourite breeds - the Dalmation. Did you know that Dalmations are associated with firemen? That's because they used to be kept as pets to chase the rats out from the fire station. Many still keep them as a pet/mascot to this very day.

Congratulations to two more of our Project Heroes!

Monday 19 November 2012

Weekly Winners

Housepoints:Red – Faringdon 43

Blue – Chatteris 45

Yellow – Dulverton 53

Green – Cricklade 60

Orange – Dudley 37

Congratulations to Cricklade who have managed to win the House Point trophy this week!

 E for Excellence Winners:These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week. Congratulations to this weeks E for Excellence winners… well done!

Sam Doidge – Mulberry

Lucy Stevens – Cedar

Jack Eve – Pine

Emma Groom – Ash

Elisa Rina – Birch

Tommy Overton – Rowan

Fletcher Marney – Maple

Junior Makina – Elm

Tommy Lee Floyd – Willow

Lilly Reynolds – Aspen

Maison Sheriff – Fern

MDA Award:The following children have been recognized for their behaviour, politeness and willingness to help at lunchtimes:
Key Stage 1: Grace Moody

Key Stage 2: Aiden Paterson

RWI Award:Congratulations to Liam Pearson who has worked really well in the reading group this week.

Bronze Tracker Awards:Congratulations to Amy Mason and Charley McKatherine who have completed their Bronze trackers this week.

Attendance Update:

Key Stage 1: Cedar 96.2%
Key Stage 2: Birch 100%
Overall Score: 96.9%
There has been a Key Stage 2 domination of the league table this week. Sat at the very top are Birch with a fantastic 100% score! Well done Birch. Key Stage 2 have taken the first 5 places in the league. Although Cedar were the best class in KS1 they could only manage 6th place overall.

Sharing Assembly - Rowan 21st November

We look forward to welcoming the parents and carers of Rowan class on November 21st at 9.05am in the new hall.

Saturday 17 November 2012

Football Results & Fixtures

There has been more success this week for the boys football team. On Tuesday night they played their fourth league match and won… again! Tyler Houlston managed to get on the score sheet twice, Fletcher slotted one in as well while Jack Ibbunson scored a screamer. Late in the second half he smashed a looping shot over the Parklands keeper’s head to make it 4-1. It sets up a top of the table clash next week with Clockhouse Primary.

On Wednesday afternoon the boys played against Godwin in the Jim Smith Memorial Cup. The match was very close, with the final score ending at 1-1. The positive outcome here was that Fletcher kept his scoring run going and we recovered from going a goal behind. The next group match in this competition is against Valance school (from Barking & Dagenham) but the date is yet to be agreed.

 Next week we have boy’s home games against Clockhouse (Tuesday night) and girl’s against Clockhouse (Friday night)

Roast Dinner Day - 164 Meals Served!

Yesterday saw a fantastic turnout for the Roast Dinner Day. 164 dinners were served by Mandy, which is a great level of uptake. Roast dinner really is top of the Broadford charts! Crispy roast potatoes, delicious tender chicken and sweet jam sponge... what could be better? On a cold November day, everyone had a warm glow after eating that tasty lunch.

Thank you Mandy and the team for all your hard work.

Friday 16 November 2012

Police Notice - Be Safe & Lock Up

Burglary Awareness:
Please be aware that there has recently been an increase in the number of burglaries in the Harold Hill area. PC Wayne Hopkins visited today to inform the children about simple steps that can be taken to prevent burglary. Did you know that 7/10 burglaries are due to doors not being locked? Just switching on a light can make all the difference when trying to deter would be criminals.
The children are bringing home a leaflet today, which we are also publishing on our school website.
Don’t be dim, light up Havering!

Next Week:

We have the M&M production company coming in on Tuesday to perform a pantomime for the pupils (Reception to Year 6). This year it is based on Robin Hood and is at no cost to you as parents. We are very passionate about providing as many cultural experiences for the children as possible. Last week we had a group of pupils visit the West End to see Mathilda. Next term this will be done again for Year 5&6.

 On Thursday afternoon the children have their Inter House Handball & Basketball competition. This is led by our House captains and is the first of several Inter House events that we will be holding this year! May the best team win.

Friends of Broadford - Christmas Bazaar

Friends of Broadford are holding a Christmas Bazaar on the 7th December 2012, we would like to invite anyone interested in having a stall to email us at, the stall cost is £10.00 per table. We do not want multiples of the same stalls so it will be on a “first come first served basis”, when emailing please give the following details:

Your name

Company name if applicable

Contact telephone number

Contact email address

Items to be sold e.g. Christmas items, jams etc.

How many tables will be needed @ £10.00 each

Please include any other relevant information.

Yours Sincerely

 Mr M Borrell
Friends of Broadford

New canopy for Year 1

After three days of digging, hammering and cutting, the new Year 1 & Year 1/2 canopy is near to being completed. All of our staff are committed to ensuring that the children have a smooth transition from Reception to Key Stage 1. Having a covered outdoor area allows the teachers to plan with confidence for activities outside that deliver learning opportunities on a larger scale. Certainly the children are very excited about the new canopy.

They really will be outside come rain or come shine!

Thursday 15 November 2012

Firework Lunch Extravaganza

Mandy and her team delivered another great themed lunch on Monday. Dressed in sparkly hats, shimmering badges and midnight black t-shirts, the girls served 165+ lunches! Without a doubt the themed meals are helping to drive up interest in school lunches. Since September we have seen a steady uplift in the weekly totals.

We just can't wait to see the next outfit that Mandy's crew wear as the next lunch is a Tudor one.

Mike Spoor Visits Today - Books On Sale

WE welcome Mike Spoor - a professional illustrator today - who is going to work with the children. Mike's speciality is to bring dinosaurs to live. You can read more about some of the books that he has helped to illustrate by clicking here

If you have some spare pocket money, why not buy one of his books today. With their powerful pictures, they are a great read. Mike will even be signing copies at the end of the day for those who buy some.

Later today we will announce the winners of the Dinosaur Story competition who will have their efforts featured in a Broadford Primary Dinosaur anthology, illustrated by Mike himself!

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Broadford Choir to sing at 'Light Up Harold Hill Event'

Thursday 6th December... make sure that you put the date in your diary! Our Broadford choir will be at the 'Light Up Harold Hill Event' singing with Pyrgo and Drapers Academy. We are very excited about taking part in this community event.

Christmas Card Finalists

Lead Councillor Michael White recently held a competition to design his 2012 Christmas card. Have a look at the best entries from our Broadford pupils. Snowmen, Santas and robins all feature on these wonderful festive designs. How will he be able to choose a winner?

Finley Improves His Writing

Congratulations to Finley, who has been working very hard to improve his handwriting. With the help of Mrs Stanley and Mrs Pike, he has really worked to develop his letter formation and independence. Well done Finley, we are very proud of you!

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Children In Need Sale - Key rings & wristbands

Friday 16th November is Children In Need day. Already this year the pupils have worked hard to raise money for a number of good causes. This time we are selling Pudsey Bear key rings (£2 each) and CIN wristbands (£1 each).

If you would like to purchase either of these items, please send your child in with their money. All proceeds will then be sent to Children In Need.

Both items will be on sale all next week - while stocks last. Tommy and Beth will be visiting the classrooms every day.

Attendance Update

Key Stage 1: Cedar

Key Stage 2: Rowan

Overall Score: 96.24%

 Cedar have retained their place at the top of the charts, accumulating a score of 99.1%... almost perfect! Rowan were close behind on 98.3%! In the week up to half term, we beat the target of 95% by 1.24%, so well done everyone.

Remembrance Day Parade

We have some great photos of Sunday's march through Harold Hill that we can share with you. After a beautiful service for the children at St.Thomas's Church the youngsters walked to the memorial in Harold Hill for a two minute silence that was respected perfectly.

It was great to see so many youngsters with Holly leading and holding the Third Harold Hill Beavers colours with pride. Keeley also got to hold the falg for her group.

On this beautiful sunny morning there were lots of families, children and parents showing their respect for those who lost their lives keeping Britain Great, and the whole of Europe.