Tuesday 21 August 2018

Building Update

We had a peek into the building site last week and saw a significant amount of progress. In the last few weeks the external brick work has now reached the roof level, which means that many of the roof panels have been added.

Internally there are now lots of scaffolding structures to allow the interior brick work to be completed. In the hall, most of the wall bricks have been laid.

In the Nursery you can see all the window holes are ready to be glazed, and the roof is partially complete.

We are still looking at a completion date in 2019, probably nearer the February half term at the moment, rather than the January as first hoped. This is partly due to the increased scope of works to be completed around the building which will ensure that the site is fully completed, and ready for a possible 4FE expansion.

Make sure you check out the video!

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