Friday 25 January 2019

3: fun things to do for understanding consent in a digital world

The activities below provide suggestions of fun and engaging activities that you can do with younger children to help them think about being safe and positive online.

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Smartie the Penguin (Ages 3-7)

Childnet’s Smartie the Penguin story highlights the importance of always telling a trusted adult if you are unsure about something online or when using technology.  The story can be downloaded/read for free and there are also free colouring pages and fun activity suggestions to help reinforce the messages of the story.

Digiduck’s Big Decision (Ages 3-7)

Digiduck’s Big Decision is a story by Childnet about the importance of being a good friend online. It can be read for free online or downloaded as a free app for Apple and Android tablets.

SID TV (Ages 3-11)

Our SIDTV short videos provide a great way to start a discussion with children about how the internet makes them feel and what tips they have about staying safe. Some of the videos are aimed at younger children and can be watched on the UK Safer Internet Centre website or YouTube.

The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART crew (Ages 7-11)

Five cartoons for children on how to stay safe online. Each cartoon covers one of the five SMART rules which help children to make positive and safe online choices for themselves and their friends.

SMART Rules Quiz (Ages 7-11)

A fun way to check how well your child knows how to stay safe online is to challenge them to the SMART rules quiz on the Childnet website. Why not have a go too and see if your online safety skills are up to date?

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