Sunday 2 October 2011

Bringing Learning Alive at Broadford!

So far this term we have tried to ensure that the curriculum comes to life for the children. By providing them with exciting learning opportunities in and out of school we know they will be inspired to take an interest themselves. Already this term they have seen or experienced:
  • Multistory Theatre telling them the story of the Firebird
  • Martin 'The Bug Man' Rapley showing his incredible animals - snake, chameleon, tree frog, pygmy hedgehog, tarantula and iguana
  • Year 1/2 going to Barleylands
  • Year 5/6 visiting the Imperial War Museum
However there are many more events to come:
  • The Owl Man is visiting on the 6th October
  • Nursery and Reception have a story telling visit from the Freshwater Theatre on 12th October
  • Year 3/4 are going to the Bloomsbury Theatre on 14th October
  • The Library are visiting us on 17th October
  • An Opera performance is being provided - free of charge - for all of KS1 and KS2 on 19th October
In addition to this there will be a Halloween disco for the children... and all before half term! At Broadford we firmly believe in giving the children as many different experiences as possible so that their learning is enriched. Perhaps this is why we have consistently beaten our attendance target so far this year.

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