Tuesday 18 October 2011

Broadford Primary vs Ardleigh Green - Season Opener!

Yesterday saw the first match of the season - albeit a friendly - against Ardleigh Green Juniors. With a crisp Autumn breeze blowing across the pitch, the boys needed no incentive to run around. Once Mr Morris (Ardleigh Green's Headteacher) had blown the whistle, the Broadford boys found that they were up against a good team. Red and white shirts flooded forward... but Taheeb and Alfie proved to be quite a defense. Luckily the posts and Bailey were in fine form; as a result the score was 0-0 after 18 mins. Upfront, Miles ran tirelessly to relieve some of the pressure. The breakthrough cam just before half time and led to Ardleigh Green going in 1-0 up. After the break Broadford battled admirably and the pressure was rewarded with an own goal 1-1. The goal did not prove to be the inspiration we needed and Ardleigh Green soon regained the upper hand. Although we had several chances to score in the second period, we could not match our opponents measured finishing. Final score 1-5. Without a doubt the match was good experience for the festival on Thursday. The boys did very well in the first match together, and from here we look forward to many more matches.

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