Wednesday 30 November 2011

Victorian Teacher Visits Broadford

Following 137 years in a deep freeze, Mr Smith (aged 173) arrived at Broadford on Monday. Clearly he was very out of touch with modern methods of education. With his cane, dunce's hat and stern manner he was not a popular figure with the children. Important lessons like 'speak when you're spoken to' and 'only write with your right hand' seem to have passed some of our pupils by. However it was a very vivid way to learn about the education system of Victorian England. Who could imagine a world with no interactive whiteboards... just slate? Afterwards the children were very keen to write about their experiences. Mr Smith did have some very nice things to say about our Year 1 & 2 pupils:
"The behaviour from the children was exemplary!"
We have now used the Freshwater Theatre Company three times this year - from Early Years up to Year 6. All pupils and staff agree that it is a great way to bring learning to life!

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