Friday 26 April 2013

News & Upcoming Events

We’re in the paper:
Make sure that you pick yourself up a copy of the Romford Recorder this week. Our Reception pupils are featured in this week’s edition.

Next Week Events:
Our girls in Year 5&6 have a Kwik Cricket competition on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon the Behaviour & Safety Committee are meeting. On Wednesday our Nursery families have their ‘Stay & Play’ sessions. Please come in early to pick up your child so that you can go and play in the new EYFS garden with them.

On Thursday 2nd we have a meeting for people interested in becoming Demetia Friends. One of our parents – Mr Erinle – would like to inform parents about how they can support people afflicted by dementia. The meeting is at 9.00am Thursday morning.

School Official Opening:
On Wednesday we have the official opening of the school. The Mayor will be coming down to cut the ribbon to officially recognise the new building, before going down to the EYFS garden and cutting a ribbon there too. Our School Council will be greeting the Mayor, helping with the opening ceremony and then giving the Mayor and guests a tour of the school to show them our new facilities.

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