Tuesday, 6 August 2013

KS1 End of Year Awards

Congratulations to the Key Stage 1 and EYFS pupils who were chosen for the end of year awards. The children are given recognition in four main categories:
  1. Academic excellence
  2. Sporting excellence
  3. Excellent effort
  4. Outstanding contribution
The pupils then vote for their own award "Classmate of the Year"

Well done to all of those who got certificates and trophies. With so many pupils exceeding their targets this year, choosing the winners was more difficult than ever! But that is a great problem to have to cope with.

Year Group
Academic Excellence
Sporting Excellence
Excellent Effort
Outstanding Contribution
Finley Livingstone
Fabian Cacaj
Callum Watson
Joshua Turner
Lily Reynolds
Ruby Salt
Libby Northwood
Laiba Shah

Year 1
Bradley Joy
Jack Eve
Omar Ashour
Ethan Borrell
Ellie Mae Wager
Lelethu Nombeko
Alisha March
Sienna Nickson
Year 2
Harry Vincent
Isaac Wright
Bryan Bahati
Mason Camden
Natalie Towner
Skaiste Burinskaiste
Sara Lopez
Emma Bloy

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