Tuesday 6 August 2013

KS2 End of Year Awards

Well done to the KS2 pupils who were chosen for the end of year awards. Mr Norman - Vice Chair of Governors - and Mrs Gordon - Chair - were on hand to give out the certificates and trophies. It was a very challenging task this year to choose the winners as so many pupils had exceeded expectations. Well done to all of you!

Year Group
Academic Excellence
Sporting Excellence
Excellent Effort
Outstanding Contribution
Year 3
Dawid Bekisz
Lewis Godfrey
Alfie MacKatherine
Teddy Pilcher
Simona Raklevicius
Chloe Trew
Drew Burkett
Holly Clark
Year 4
Daniel Oluokum
Harry Hinton
Alex Wicher
Kailen Davey
Chloe Wager
Sandra Diaz
Lucy Lockhart
Sophie Hann
Year 5
Jordan Crane
Fletcher Marney
Harry Hooper
Kingsley Onwuegbuzie
Dara Adu
Holly Berry
Abbi Maxwell
Louise Paius
Year 6
Thomas Doidge
Bailey Finlayson
George Lotter
Toheeb Gbadamosi
Amy Mason
Alison Kinata
Bobbi Jade Hek
Beth King

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