Monday, 26 October 2015

Chris Powling Author Visit

Last week our KS2 Spinebreakers were very excited to have the chance to meet the author Chris Powling. He had come to visit Broadford to talk about his work as an author and share some of the many books he has written.

First he led an assembly with KS2 where he showed his books and spoke of how he gets his ideas. It was very interesting to hear about the drafting process and how he has to reflect on his writing to find ways to improve it.

Our Spinebreakers then had an interview with him where they found out lots of facts and information: he  was born in 1943; he lives in South London; he has taught at all levels in the state school system (from infants to postgraduates) and for ten years was headteacher of a London primary school!

Do you just write books, or does your job involve other work?

Throughout my career, I have been lucky enough to have a rich and diverse involvement with children's books. I've been a critic for national journals and newspapers as well as a broadcaster for the BBC and various independent radio stations.

We believe that the opportunity to meet real authors, whom the children have experienced is a fantastic way of further inspiring their interest in and love of reading. It has seen the results at our school progress from the bottom 10% in 2010 to the top 1% for the last 3 years running! 
Mr Drakes - Headteacher

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