Thursday, 18 August 2016

Demolition of Old Building

We are delighted that the demolition work has started - and is now close to completion - on the old building. This is the next stage of the expansion of the school.

In September 2016 we will see the first 3FE intake for Reception - 90 pupils. This will then gradually extend throughout the school, meaning that we need additional classrooms and hall space.

The Borough have provided some draft plans that indicate a new Nursery - as this will also be expanding - and six new class spaces. There is also provision for a new hall.

It is hoped that the demolition process will be completed by the end of August and that the construction will start by Christmas. On that timetable part of the building will be ready for September 2017, which is the point at which we run out of space!

However it is sad to say goodbye to the old building. It has been in place since 1953 and seen countless children through their Primary education. The vast majority of the structure came from recycled hangars taken from the Hornchurch aerodrome... so it really was a piece of history. What was clear was that the building had served its time and wasn't suitable for refurbishment. The new facilities planned will ensure that our Harold Hill pupils have the very best facilities available!

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