Thursday, 18 August 2016

KS1 Reflectiveness Awards 2016

At Broadford we help the children to understand that the life long skill of Reflectiveness is about being ready, willing and able to become more strategic about learning - taking a longer-term view by planning, taking stock and drawing out your experiences as a learner to get the best out of yourself.

Your Reflectiveness is made up of..

Thinking about where you are going, the action you are going to take, the time and resources you will need and the obstacles you may encounter.

Being flexible, changing your plans in the light of different circumstances, monitoring and reviewing how things are going and seeing new opportunities.

Looking at what is being learned - pulling out the essential features - carrying them forward to aid further learning; being your own learning coach.

Knowing yourself as a learner - how you learn best;
how to talk about the learning process.

Well done to our KS1 pupils who have demonstrated these elements consistently across the whole year.


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