Thursday 22 February 2018

Broadford Super Stars! Do your best in every lesson.

During assembly time, we have been talking about making this 2018 ‘The Best Year Yet!’
Each term we celebrate our ‘Broadford Super Stars’. These are the pupils who are shining examples within our community and demonstrate the three pupils values every day in school.  
Job 2 - Do your best in every lesson

Roxy Smith
Roxy always sets an outstanding example for everyone in Sequoia and has an infectiously resilient attitude. Roxy is always on hand to support her classmates throughout the day. 

Zac Nickson
Zac he is an excellent role model to all his peers with a clear passion for learning and thirst for knowledge. Zac never fails to challenge himself in all lessons and always does so with a smile on his face.

Kara Middleton
Kara always tries her best in every lesson, especially in overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way. She is an excellent role model for others in class concerning her 'never give up' attitude. She has been a great support as well in welcoming new classmates in to Hazel, helping them to settle quickly and feel at home! 

Lea Cerqueira
Lea continually supports her peers and sets a fantastic example to others. She is dedicated to her work and conscious about making progress and the steps she needs to take in order to be successful. Lea is always considerate and empathetic towards others; she works hard to bring the best out in her partners. 

Asroosh Valliani
Asroosh tries his best in every lesson; he is always willing to challenge himself and takes great pride in successfully completing work especially when it has been a challenge. Asroosh demonstrates the 4Rs and makes the most of these skills when challenging himself and supporting those around him. 

Arhaan Kaushal
Arhaan does his best in every lesson. Attempts challenges and helps others around him.

Conor Borrell
Conor tries his best in every lesson. He has developed and embedded the 4Rs learning powers and uses these to solve problems and complete any task that he is given.

Molly May Harrop
Molly May is always trying her best and has been extending her learning outside the classroom by reading every night at home.

Archy Gore 
Archy has had a fantastic year so far, particularly in maths where he has really flourished. He always strives to achieve his best and on many occasions has voluntarily carried out extra work or has completed challenges to push himself that bit further.
Archy has been a wonderful role model for his peers. He has in fact supported others in the class and encouraged them to make the right choices like him.

Lily Gray 
Lily works relentlessly in every lesson, constantly pushing herself to improve. She has voluntarily completed additional work at home, demonstrating a love of learning and thirst for knowledge and this is reflected in her work in class. She has proved an invaluable partner for others in the class, encouraging them to be resilient and inspiring them with her enthusiasm. 

Diya Patel
​Diya consistently tries her best in every lesson, challenging herself at every opportunity. Not only that, she is also extremely helpful towards adults and is a fabulous role model to her classmates, both as a School Councillor and in her attitude towards her learning. Diya has also been a fabulous partner and supported other children in the class, giving them help with their work and enabling them to succeed.

Timothy Dempsey
Timothy has had a fantastic year so far and has shown huge improvements in his attitude to learning and his work. Timothy has been striving to ensure that he always makes the right choice. He has shown that he is developing and maturing by acknowledging when he is not making the best decisions and on these occasions, he is making significant efforts to improve his choices. 

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