Thursday 22 February 2018

Broadford Superstars! Be kind and polite to everyone you meet.

During assembly time, we have been talking about making this 2018 ‘The Best Year Yet!’
Each term we celebrate our ‘Broadford Super Stars’. These are the pupils who are shining examples within our community and demonstrate the three pupils values every day in school.  

Job 3 - Be kind and polite to everyone you meet. 

Ethan Himuyandi
Ethan is incredibly kind, well mannered and welcoming to everyone that he meets- both adults and children. 

Archy Gore
Archy is particularly considerate of his peers, showing them what it is to be kind and polite. This year he has really taken other pupils under his wing to ensure that they always feels involved. Archy has made sure that everyone feels welcome and has a friend.

Arhaan Kaushal 
Arhaan is kind and considerate to his other pupils in the class and shows an incredible amount of respect to the adults in school.

Olivia Crane
Olivia is very sweet girl who always demonstrates care and consideration to her friends.

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