Sunday 18 March 2018

Ultimate Chess Champion - Round 1

After weeks of learning all of the moves, remembering how each piece can capture the enemy. It was time. The players were ready and the battle commenced. 

Round 1 of the Ultimate Chess Champion Tournament! 

Some players tried to stake pawns in the centre of the board straight away. It was noted, that some used the black army and tried to castle Kingside early. This move exerts influence in the middle. However, the strongest players tied down the bishop to protect the pawn and attack the king in order to win. 

The winners go through to round 2 and continue in their quest to become the Ultimate Chess Champion. 

In the next round ... 

Katlyn Mukandavire V Oliver Hall 

Harry Kaylor V Lily Jones

Zac Borland  V William Illott

Leo Whiten V Shane Kirk

Tyler Wager V Ellis Curtis-Rich

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