Friday, 14 September 2018



It is that time again to consider which clubs you will be interested in ready for the new school term. We shall be continuing to offer a variety of clubs. Unfortunately the number of clubs continue to be reduced due to funding constraints.

Whilst we will endeavour to accommodate all applications, with fewer clubs it is inevitable that not all pupils will be successful in their request. Please remember:
  • Tick only 3 boxes on the form - one 1st, one 2nd and one 3rd preference, if you click more than 3 boxes your form will not be submitted. 
  • It may not be possible to accommodate siblings on the same evening. 
  • As clubs are likely to be over subscribed, in the interest of fairness, names will be pulled from the hat. 
  • Your application MUST be made no later than 12 pm Friday 21st September. ANY APPLICATIONS REQUESTED AFTER THIS DATE, MAY NOT BE CONSIDERED.
(complete a separate form for each child)

Once all requests have been received and processed, if you have been successful, confirmation will be sent out notifying you of the start date.

Attached is a timetable of the clubs that are on offer, giving details of the year groups they are for, what day of the week and when they will take place.

There may be a situation where your child’s year group has two or more clubs on the same day of the week. Remember that you can only tick three boxes in total across the whole week.

We will only send out confirmation to those children who have secured a place on a club. 

Once you have received your club offer, please let us know if there are any that you will not be accepting or unable to attend. We can then offer these places to those on our waiting list as soon as possible. 

If your child is unsuccessful this term we will do our very best to secure them a place on a club the following term.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. 

(complete a separate form for each child)

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