Friday, 11 June 2021

Euro 2021 at Broadford Primary School!

It's finally here; after a whole year of waiting, the UEFA Euro 2020, now 2020, has arrived and matches will start at 8:00pm tonight.

I'm sure we will all have our own teams to support, but we also decided to have some fun with an Inter-class draw at Broadford. Every class, from nursery to Year 6, has got a team to support and learn more about!

On Monday 21st June, we will have a non-uniform day where each class will wear their countries colours to school that day. Even the teachers are going to get involved!

A random draw has been held and here are the teams - and colours for non-uniform day - for each class:

All of these colours were found in the current team kits for the competition, but feel free to represent flag colours too!

Have a wonderful weekend of football everyone!

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