Friday 3 September 2021

Weekly Newsletter - Friday 3th September

Headteacher: Mrs L Nicholls 

Dear Parents and Carers,

New Academic Year 

I would like to extend a warm welcome back to all pupils, parents and carers. It has been wonderful to catch up with so many of you this week and welcome you back for the new academic year. After only a few days, we have enjoyed a very smooth start to the new school year and we are all thrilled that the pupils are so eager to get stuck back into their learning. 

We are looking forward to slowly returning to ‘normal’ however please be assured that we still have measures in place to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. We will continue to ensure that all pupils continue with regular and thorough hand washing. Cleaning regimes will continue to be regular and robust. All areas will be adequately ventilated and all members of our community must continue to follow government guidance for test, track and trace. We very much appreciate your support in this matter for the safety of all pupils, staff and parents. 

It’s hard to remember what life was like pre Covid and as we resume our normal routines we must continue to be kind to each other. Thank you to all parents and carers for your co-operation this week with arrivals and dismissals. Please see this blog post for all of the information.
You will soon be receiving a curriculum letter from your child’s teacher with all of the information regarding the Autumn term in their new year group. We are very excited about being able to invite you back into school for a ‘stay & learn’ session, when we can continue our home/school links. 

A very ‘happy new academic year’ to you all, together we can ensure this is a great year for us all! 

Keeping Covid Safe
A reminder that children should not attend school if they are showing symptoms of Covid-19 (high temperature, a new continuous cough, loss of or change to taste or smell). If your child does have symptoms a PCR test must be taken before they can return to school (as long as it is negative). Should your child receive a positive test they will need to isolate, as was the case previously.
Parents and families are still able to engage in the free lateral flow testing program to ensure that any cases are found and isolated as soon as possible.  

New Staff for Academic Year 2020-21

We are delighted to introduce our new members of staff to you.
Miss Myers – year 1 teacher

Miss Wyatt – year 5 teacher

Mrs Sains – reception TA

Mrs Davey – reception TA

Mrs Noonan – year 1 TA

Miss Smith – year 3 TA

Congratulations to Miss Rayner and Miss Chappel who both got married over the summer break. Miss Rayer will now be known as Mrs Rice and Miss Chappel will continue to be Ms Chappel. 

I know that you will join me in wishing them and their new husbands a lifetime of happiness. 

Leadership Team

I am delighted to inform you of the names and roles of the Senior Leadership Team for Broadford this academic year. As Headteacher I am ably supported by four Assistant Headteachers (AHT) and 8 year group leaders (YGL).    

Mrs Stanley - AHT (EYFS & Year 1) & Professional Development

Miss Estall - AHT (Year 2,3 &4) & Assessment. Mrs Rice (formally Miss Rayner) will cover Miss Estall’s maternity leave for the remainder of this academic year. 

Mrs Wallis - AHT (Year 5&6) SEND & Inclusion (working days Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)

Mrs Ward - AHT (Year 5&6) & Curriculum (working days Monday, Tuesday & Friday)

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We will be on the gate every morning for you to speak to in person and to help you with any enquiries.

Mrs Elleneder - Nursery leader
Ms Chappel - Reception leader 

Mrs Gradley - Year 1 leader 

Miss Tynan - Year 2 leader

Miss Jennings - Year 3 leader 

Miss Higgins - Year 4 leader

Miss Betty - Year 5 leader
Mrs Claxton - Year 6 leader 

You can contact the year group leader via the email addresses below. 

Pupil Jobs 

For our established parents you already know that we accept only the best at Broadford. We achieve this by working together with our families and emphasizing some key values. Pupils are expected to:

1. Turn up every day on time

2. Do their best in every lesson

3. Be kind and polite to everyone that they meet


Parents and carers are expected to:

1. Ensure that our children arrive on time for school and ready to learn:

a. We will have provided our children with a healthy breakfast

b. They will have warm clean clothing

c. We will make sure they have the right equipment for school (book bag, reading record, PE kit)

2.     Support our children’s learning at home through:

a. Reading regularly

b. Helping them to practise their spellings and mental maths

c. Encouraging them in their interests

3.      Model politeness and kindness to every-one we meet

We will ensure that our staff are professional, approachable and focused on making sure that every child in their care achieves their full potential. Working together we can continue to deliver outstanding results for our pupils so that they have every chance of going on to succeed at the next stage of their education.

School Uniform 

It has been wonderful to see all of the pupils return to school looking very smart in their school uniform. Please be reminded that the school colours are grey and navy. All school uniform is available through Premier School Wear (
Pupils should come to school wearing their PE kit on PE day. 

Shared mailboxes and communication 

In these uncertain times, please remember that the main method of communication with your child’s class teacher is via the shared mailboxes. They are checked daily and can be used to ask questions, pass on information or check details:


To ensure that we continue to be environmentally friendly and in order to reduce our carbon footprint we have been circulating our newsletter online via the school website, blog and facebook page for quite some time now. Please ensure that we have a current and up to date email address for you and the newsletter will be emailed to you each week.  If you would like to receive a paper copy please email with your request. If you do not make a specific request you will be able to access the newsletter on the school blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page and it will land directly in your inbox every Friday. I am sure you will agree with us that this is going a long way towards us becoming a ‘greener’ school and working towards a better future for all of our children.  

Weekly Attendance - Target 96%

Pupil Job 1 - Turn up every day on time.  

Don't forget at Broadford we do not only reward 100% attendance but if you keep up attendance above 96% you become part of the 96%+ club and earn yourself extra bouncing time on 'Go Bonkers' day in the summer term. 

The class attendance league will kick off again this September. Each week the class with the highest attendance wins the most points in the league and displays the shiny attendance trophy proudly in their classroom. At the end of each term, the class with the most points earns a class trip!

If your class gets 100% attendance for a whole week you could earn extra rewards. 

At Broadford we take attendance very seriously, and like to have lots of bouncy fun!! 

Key Dates for the Autumn Term 2021

Autumn 1 

Autumn 2

Monday 18th October

Parents Evening 1

Monday 1st November 

School closed - INSET day

Tuesday 19th October 

Parents Evening 2

Tuesday 2nd November

Children return to school

Friday 22nd October

Last day of half term

Friday 17th December 

Last day of Autumn term

INSET Dates & Polling Day  for 2021-2022

Please note the school closure dates for this academic year. 

INSET day 1

INSET day 2

INSET day 3

INSET day 4

INSET day 5

1st September

1st November 

4th January

21st February 

6th June

Havering Catering Services

Week beginning 6th September is week 3 on the Havering catering services menu. All meals are served with unlimited salad and vegetables and cost £2.30. 


Please be reminded that your child’s sQuid account should be topped up at all times. We cannot provide dinners for pupils whose account exceeds a debt of £10. If you are experiencing difficulties please contact Mrs West in the school office who will be able to provide you with support and  assistance. 
A reminder to parents of children in Year 3 that School Dinners are no longer free, as the Universal Free School Meals program only includes children up to Year 2.
Children in Year 3 will either:

  • be entitled to Free School Meals (due to family income, meaning children are eligible for Pupil Premium Funding);

  • pay for school meals via Squid;

  • have packed lunches.

If your child is not eligible for free school meals, please ensure that their sQuid account is topped up at the start of the term.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Yours sincerely,


Mrs L Nicholls 


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