Friday 7 June 2024

Nursery Learning 06/06/24


Nursery Learning 06/06/24

Nursery stay and play: 

The summer term nursery stay and play will take place on Wednesday 12th June             
AM- 10.15-11am
PM- 2.15-3pm

Holiday dates (School and Nursery closed): 

Last day of summer term; Tuesday 23rd July 2024 

School inset dates and Election Day; Wednesday 24th July 2024, Thursday 4th July 


This half term we are learning about people who help us. If you know of anyone who has a job helping others, such as a paramedics, post workers, fire fighters, shop keepers, doctors/dentists, refuse collectors etc. who would like to come and talk to the children, please let us know as we love having visitors in school. 


Story of the week

This week the children have been listening to the story 'The Dinosaur Firefighter'.  
You can listen to the story at home with your children by clicking this link .

Learning this week:

This half term we are learning all about people who help us. We have started with firefighters after some of the children experienced a fire alarm last half term. The children have enjoyed learning about a fire fighters job and learning new words connected to this including siren and helmet. 

Creative play

The children are continuing to develop our printing skills and this week have used toilet rolls to make interesting patterns on our paper! The children have also been interested in trying to draw their own fire engines, they have shown some great observation skills and made some fantastic drawings. 

Outdoor learning

The large sandpit outside has been very popular this week. Burying treasure and acting in role as pirates hunting has been a popular activity. They have also really enjoyed playing croquet, developing their hand-eye coordination when trying to control the ball. 


The children enjoyed hunting for numbers in the tray this week. They have remembered lots of the numbers we have looked at so far! Some children even started putting the numbers in order. We also found that Eden was a super star and could solve addition sums independently. 

Some of our two year olds have particularly enjoyed the water play this week. They remembered to ask for aprons and played together really well. They have also been busy practising their control and co-ordination when playing croquet outside.

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