Sunday, 6 November 2016

Reading Awards

These children have been reading so much and so many books, they have earned themselves a Bronze reading award;
Thomas Gray, Elsie-Rose Elsdon-Skehill, Courtney Janes, Jaydon Holloway, James Wise, Oliver Stay, Sofia Raif, Charlie Simpson, Charlie Bott, Danny Howe, Srinika Manickavasagam, Miley Jeffery, Georgia Brooks, Ellis Curtis-Rich, Keira Parmenter, Olivia Crane, Grace Leadbitter, Morgan Palfreman, Sophie Porter, Summer-Rose Trew, Ronnie Mersh, Alex Ianache,

Reuben Roberts has earned himself a bookmark.

Congratulations to Georgia Chilvers, Ellis Curtis-Rich for becoming free readers.

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