Saturday 18 November 2017

Learning Power Awards

These are the key skills that our children will need to learn effectively in class and to be successful later in life.

These children have demonstrated effective Reciprocity this week – able to listen carefully, work collaboratively and take turns.
Tony Marshall, Teddie Gabriel, Lukas Smirnovas, Riley Whitcombe, Ethan Borrell, Evie Cottam, Zara Satti, Finley Livingstone, Maisy Cohen, Roxy Smith, Sophie Houslton, Tyler Shephard, Archy Gore, the whole of Birch Class
Ruby Welch,

These children have shown that they can manage distraction, notice patterns and become absorbed in their tasks – well done for your Resilience certificate:
Alfie Donnelly, Tegan Sage, Storm Hawkes, George Hart, Tyrell Bertin, Leah Sharpe, Thomas Royer, Jack Dempsey,Indiana Roy.

These children have managed to show that they can plan and revise ideas to earn their Reflectiveness certificate.
Freddie Lewis, Chloe-Rose Marshall, Jersey Callcut Hannaford,

Being able to show that you can make links between ideas and showing imagination demonstrates resourcefulness. These pupils have been awarded their Resourcefulness certificate this week:
Austin Hall, Saarah Khanan, Ruby-Rose Palfreman, Taylor Royer, Samuel Hatwell, Lacey Joyett, Kayne Regan-Osborn, Livi Middleton.

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