Wednesday 22 November 2017

Non School Uniform day - Friday 24th November

Dear Parents & carers,  
The LFPA are organising a Christmas Fair on Saturday 9th December to raise much needed funds for both of our schools. This will be held at Mead Primary School between 11am and 3pm. The money raised on the day will benefit all pupils who attend both schools within The Learning Federation.
As prefects from Broadford and Mead primary schools, we are running a ‘Rainbow Tombola’ on the day which is a fun game that all of our friends can take part in and win a prize every time.
However, we need your help. On Friday 24th November we are having a non school uniform day at both schools in support of our ‘Rainbow Tombola’. Pupils can come to school wearing their own clothes, but they must wear school shoes or trainers so we can make sure everyone is kept safe. Instead of the normal procedure of bringing in some money, on this occasion we are asking pupils to bring in an item to donate to the tombola in exchange for wearing non school uniform. Please see our list of donation ideas on the next page.
As it is a ‘Rainbow Tombola’ we need new items which are of course in the colours of the rainbow. We have given each year group a specific colour to make sure that we have a spectrum of colours for our tombola. Please see the list below to see what colour your child’s year group is.
EYFS - Orange
Year 1 - Green
Year 2 - Pink
Year 3 - Purple
Year 4 - Red
Year 5 - Yellow
Year 6 - Blue

All you and your child need to do is select a new item in the specific colour for their year group and bring it into school on the non school uniform day on Friday 24th November. Then come along to the Christmas Fair on Saturday 9th December and play the ‘Rainbow Tombola’ to win a prize every time. We can’t wait to see you all there.

Kind regards,

Year 6 Prefects from Broadford and Mead Primary School

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