Sunday, 29 July 2018

100% Attendance Awards

These brilliant pupils have been living and breathing examples of the Broadford pupil jobs this year. Particularly, pupil job number 1 - coming to school every day! 

Well done to all of these pupils for their 100% attendance award. You should feel VERY proud of yourselves. 

Don't forget at Broadford we do not only reward 100% attendance but if you keep up attendance above 96% you become part of the 96%+ club and earn yourself extra bouncing time on 'Go Bonkers' day in the summer term. 

The class attendance league will kick off again in September. Each week the class with the highest attendance win the most points in the league and displays the shiny attendance trophy proudly in their classroom. At the end of each term, the class with the most points earns a class trip to Jump Evolution!
If your class gets 100% attendance for a whole week you could earn a cupcake party. 

At Broadford we take attendance very seriously, with sprinkles on top and lots of bouncy fun!! 

Pupil Job Number 1 
Come to school every day on time. 

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